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A device for the ultrasonic nebulization of liquids. Nebulization takes place in a porous solid body the porosity of which determines the size of the liquid particles generated. The device is especially suitable for nebulizing liquid medicaments for inhalation therapy.

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A system for controlling pressurized fluid and suction pressure to be supplied to an instrument, such as an instrument for performing surgical operations. The system permits a variety of flow configurations to the instrument including either pressurized fluid or suction pressure alone or combination ...

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Field-forming devices primarily useful as field ionizers and field emission cathodes and having as a basic element an array of closely spaced cones with sharp points supported on a substrate (in the most usual case conductive or semiconductive) are disclosed. Preferably, the field-forming structure ...

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Disclosed is a dental electrosurgical apparatus having means to automatically regulate the proper amount of power needed to cut soft tissues of the body, a timing device to regulate and repeatedly interrupt the period of active current flow and a regulator means that cuts off current flow when the p ...

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A urethra magnetic valve structure comprising an implantable tubular valve housing to be located in the urethra at its juncture with the bladder. The valve housing has a pair of spaced, inflatable retention collars to be inflated for supporting the valve unit in proper position with a slotted head p ...

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This disclosure deals with novel television or similar scrambling-decoding techniques for use in subscription television and the like (STV), involving the transmission of picture signals scrambled by repetitively depressing to blanking level a plurality of sync signals, preferably the vertical, and ...

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A method and apparatus by which fluid is delivered either sequentially at two different rates or at one rate as desired. Suitable controls are provided for independently selecting such different flow rates and the duration of time of each flow rate, which may either be manually or automatically deli ...

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A compact electric wheel unit using a high torque, moderate speed inside out electric motor and a planetary speed reducer wherein a friction brake is mounted on a stationary ring gear component of the planetary gearing. In one embodiment, lubricating and cooling fluid is circulated through the motor ...

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A reproducible shot hole for geophysical use wherein a deformable metal liner, such as aluminum, of predetermined diameter, wall thickness, and alloy is selected, and the annulus between the liner and the hole filled with sand-cement under pressure, so that the lined hole will withstand repeated exp ...

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A medical arm support that substantially immobilizes the arm to facilitate intravenous injection of fluid into the arm adjacent the elbow, but which allows a limited amount of natural flexure of the arm at the elbow for patient comfort. A spiral, slightly flexible section joins a panel overlying the ...