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The invention discloses various embodiments of an ultrasonic kit adapted to be used in the home or for industrial purposes, as well as a variety of ultrasonic motor constructions and ultrasonic converter designs to be used either individually or in combination with each other. The ultrasonic motor i ...

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A process for simultaneously increasing recovery and upgrading oil in a reservoir by injecting gas produced by the in situ gasification of coal to increase recovery and upgrade said oil. The gas is also useful in the production of steam and other gaseous materials for injection.

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A bone implant for vertebrates, including humans and animals in veterinary surgery such as hip prosthesis or a bone implant into the jaw in dental surgery, having a solid surface adapted to be in contact with the growing bone, said surfaces having at the outside at least a depth of 100 microns and p ...

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A unique quick connect electrical coupler, comprising a female coupling half having electrical contact means, magnet means and tapered recess means therein. A male coupling half having electrical contact means and magnet means therein and tapered projecting means adapted to be received in said reces ...

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An all terrain vehicle and a suspension system for an all terrain vehicle is disclosed with a drive system that affords steerage by braking the wheels on one or the other sides of the vehicle and without turning the wheels. The improved suspension system is provided with independently suspended whee ...

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A method of maintaining synchronization between two independently clocked, tored-program computer processors which are executing the same program simultaneously and are connected in a master-slave relationship. There is further provided a method of preventing a failure from disabling both master and ...

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A method and system for transmitting data and indicating room status has a transmitter and a receiver utilizing the neutral and ground lines of a conventional AC room power line as a communications link. The transmitter sends coded signals through a wall outlet via the neutral and ground to the rece ...

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An electronic security system especially adapted for use in retail stores and employing a multi-frequency resonant tag circuit having distinct frequencies for detection and deactivation. A transmitting system provides an electromagnetic field within a controlled area at a frequency which is swept th ...

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A portable, wound drainage, suction pump for extracting body fluids from wounds has a substantially rigid vessel, a top plate carrying an actuator member, a resilient diaphragm disposed in the vessel and defining with the lower portion of the vessel an expansible chamber, and an actuating plate on t ...

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A sealed coaxial cable connector. A member of a moldable resilient material is provided at the junction between an internal cylindrical opening through the center of a connector body and an enlarged counterbore at the forward end of the body. The member, which may for example be molded to the rear s ...