Matsuki Mutsuo, Nishimura Sadaji, Goto Masato: Apparatus for producing non-woven fleeces. Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, April 9, 1974: US3802817 (806 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a fleece-like sheet having a non-woven texture, from a large number of melt-spun monofilaments.The improvement resides in the arrangement of the melt-spun monofilaments in a curtain-like form which is then subjected to the action of a pair of ...

Wolvek Sidney: Surgical instrument. Technibiotics, Darby & Darby, April 9, 1974: US3802438 (171 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for closing an incision in the body of a patient including forming a suture by passing a loop of wire through opposite sides of the incision and inserting the end portions of the wire into and through bores formed in a splice plate comprising a substantially rectangular member h ...

Osborn William: Communications system. Tocom, Clegg & Cantrell, April 9, 1974: US3803491 (158 worldwide citation)

A number of different remote units are interrogated and controlled by signals transmitted thereto from a master station. The transmitted interrogation and control signals take the form of three radio-frequency signals at three different frequencies. Each radio-frequency signal is coded in a binary m ...

Cover John H: Weapon for immobilization and capture. Kleinberg Marvin H, April 9, 1974: US3803463 (151 worldwide citation)

A weapon for subduing and restraining includes a harmless projectile that is connected by means of a relatively fine, conductive wire to a launcher which contains an electrical power supply. The projectile is intended to contact a living target without serious trauma and to deliver an electric charg ...

Bookless George W: Quick release magnetic latch. Bell & Howell Company, Walsh Robert A, April 9, 1974: US3802034 (123 worldwide citation)

A latch including laterally slideable ferromagnetic members that coact with underlying stationary ferromagnetic members. The latch finds particular utility in a dual-blanket exposure station.

Hull Donald Robert: Synthetic filament having antistatic properties. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, April 9, 1974: US3803453 (121 worldwide citation)

Novel synthetic filament having antistatic properties comprising a continuous nonconducting sheath of synthetic polymer surrounding a conductive polymeric core containing carbon black.

Lang Volker: Device for combined monitoring and stimulation of respiration. Fleit Gipple & Jacobson, April 9, 1974: US3802417 (109 worldwide citation)

A device for monitoring and automatically stimulating respiration including means for directly monitoring respiratory activity via the respiratory tract, a sensor for converting the monitored respiratory activity into cyclical electrical signals indicative of the respiration depth and frequency, and ...

Lange Hans, Rittersdorf Walter, Rey Hans Georg, Rieckmann Peter: Test strips. Boehringer Mannheim, Burgess Dinklage & Sprung, April 9, 1974: US3802842 (106 worldwide citation)

Test strips for the detection of components in liquids, especially in body fluids, comprising a holder and at least one indicator layer containing detection reagents wherein one surface of the layer is attached to the holder and the other surface is covered with a fine meshwork.

Matern Helen A: Composite model for medical study. April 9, 1974: US3802096 (95 worldwide citation)

A model for medical studies depicting the blood supply and drainage systems of the head, leading to and from the heart. The model includes a head shell which preferably is open at one side so that spacial relationships of the various arteries and major veins may be clearly perceived. The head shell ...

Sharpe Raymond, Triffiti James Christopher Herbert: Variable-ratio toric drive with hydraulic relief means. Rotax, Holman & Stern, April 9, 1974: US3802284 (91 worldwide citation)

A variable-ratio frictional drive gear comprises at least two axially spaced torus discs between which there is a set of circumferentially spaced drive rollers in frictional rolling contact with toroidal surfaces on the discs. Each roller is rotatably mounted in a tangentially controlled roller carr ...

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