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A crash restraint system for an automobile comprising an inflatable bag mounted forward of the automobile passenger seat. A bag inflating device comprising a cluster of gas generating units, each of which has a primary nitrogen generating combustion chamber to produce free nitrogen and other gas pro ...

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Pressure wave sensor formed of at least one elongated piezoelectric element having two faces, each associated to a flexible conducting electrode substantially over the whole length of the sensitive element.When the sensor is formed of a plurality of sensitive elements the latter are electrically con ...

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An ampoule applicator comprising a hollow, cylindrical body having a chamber at one end for mounting a medicament-containing hypodermic ampoule having a depressible portion for injecting a volume of medicament into a patient. The applicator also includes a spring-biased force-applying member for act ...

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A self guiding force applicator includes a tubular mandrel to deliver fluid to drilling means. A piston carried by the mandrel moves in a cylinder to which fluid is supplied to force mandrel or cylinder in or out. The mandrel and cylinder are connected by spline means to prevent relative rotation wh ...

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A pair of scanning mirror systems scans an object image in two dimensions over an infrared detector. The detector signal and signals proportional to the position of the mirror systems permit display of an image of the object on a video monitor. The video monitor display includes a portion thereof wh ...

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A dental implant member formed of substantially non-porous, isotropic carbon having a textured and dentated lower portion. The implant member is provided with means for attaching an a artificial crown section thereto.

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A process for increasing the strength of a glass article by subjecting a glass article containing alkali metal ion A to a treatment of exchanging the ion A with an alkali metal ion B having a larger ion radius than the ion A, wherein the exchanging treatment is performed in two successive stages, an ...

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A cooking stove or range adaptable for conversion to provide for different types of food cooking. The stove has an open pan -- like recess means in the top thereof adaptable to selectively receive interchangeable types of cooking units or apparatus therein.

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A wheeled frame, supporting a series of chemical tanks connected to the manifold, which includes a high pressure pump for a high pressure, low volume, or low pressure, high volume, cleaning and sanitizing capability. It has a metered and controlled selected chemical injection produced by a high pres ...

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There is disclosed the preparation of a degradable polymeric material by applying a degradation-sensitizing reagent to the surface of a polymeric material and then diffusing the reagent into such surface.