Zaffaroni Alejandro: Bandage for the administration of drug by controlled metering through microporous materials. Alza Corporation, March 19, 1974: US3797494 (330 worldwide citation)

A bandage for use in the continuous administration of drugs to the skin or mucosa, comprising a backing member defining one exterior surface, a surface of pressure-sensitive adhesive defining a second exterior surface, and disposed therebetween a reservoir containing drug formulation confined therei ...

Feistel Horst: Centralized verification system. International Business Machines Corporation, Siber Victor, March 19, 1974: US3798605 (258 worldwide citation)

This specification describes a multi-terminal data processing system having means and process for verifying the identity of subscribers to the system. Validity of a terminal request for communication with the data processing system are determined on the basis of a centralized verification system. Ea ...

Feistel Horst: Block cipher cryptographic system. International Business Machines Corporation, Siber Victor, March 19, 1974: US3798359 (221 worldwide citation)

A cryptographic system for encrypting a block of binary data under the control of a key consisting of a set of binary symbols. The cryptographic system is utilized within a data processing environment to ensure complete privacy of data and information that is stored or processed within a computing s ...

Hurst George S: Electrographic sensor for determining planar coordinates. Elographics Incorporated, Skinner Martin J, March 19, 1974: US3798370 (217 worldwide citation)

An electrographic sensor for determining planar coordinates with good resolution, e.g., about 0.1 mm, and an overall accuracy of about 0.4 mm. A rectangular single sheet of extremely uniform resistive material has a row of small electrodes arranged along each edge with discrete resistors connected b ...

Walsh Michael Adrian, Costigan Edward F: Multi-functional valve for use in the urethra. Costigan Edward F, March 19, 1974: US3797478 (158 worldwide citation)

A valve adapted to be positioned in the channel of the urethra for the maintenance of such channel at a predetermined size in a substantially sterilized condition relative to bacteria, such valve controlling the flow of urine from the bladder through the channel of the urethra to the atmosphere.

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Time multiplexed signal communications between a host computer and subordinate data processing terminals include coded and non-coded information. Coded information originated by the host includes entry-separation marker signals. Individual marker signals are used at terminals to control access to as ...

Feistel Horst: Step code ciphering system. International Business Machines Corporation, Siber Victor, March 19, 1974: US3798360 (119 worldwide citation)

This specification discloses a system that provides multiple level encipherment of a block of data by means of a stepped block cipher process. A data stream consisting of digital information is segmented into blocks of dimension D, each block is enciphered by means of a block cipher cryptographic sy ...

Sarnoff Stanley J: Hypodermic injection device with shock absorbing spring. Survival Technology, Witherspoon and Lane, March 19, 1974: US3797489 (115 worldwide citation)

A hypodermic injection device is provided comprising a cylindrical holder closed at one end and slidably carrying an ampoule with attached cannula facing the closed end of the holder, medicament is provided in the ampoule between the cannula and the piston in the ampoule, a gun spring assembly is as ...

Wahlberg Eric C: Business transaction apparatus. Fisher Christen & Sabol, March 19, 1974: US3798603 (110 worldwide citation)

A multiple transaction business machine is provided which includes means for selecting a plurality of transactions, totaling the cost of such transactions and determining the value of payment tendered in satisfaction of the cost of the transactions by payment evaluating means receiving legal tender, ...

Deardurff Lawrence R: Electrical lead. Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation, Staelin & Overman, March 19, 1974: US3798589 (103 worldwide citation)

An electrical lead suitable for use in ignition systems for internal combustion engines including an electrical conductor fully surrounded by insulation with an exposed conductor portion extending from the insulation at one end of the lead; and an electrically conductive termination cap fastened at ...