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An electrical connector comprises a plurality of elongated flexible conductors embedded in, and extending between surface of, a block of elastomeric insulating material.

Sturgeon John F: Venocclusion device. C R Bard, Martine Jr Chester E, March 5, 1974: US3795246 (219 worldwide citation)

A device designed to be implanted in a blood vessel such as the inferior vena cava, as a substitute for a tying or clamping operation on such vessel, the device being inserted in deflated condition through a simple incision, moved to the desired location, inflated to engage securely the wall of the ...

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A surgical instrument for suturing tissues and organs with metal staples incorporates a supporting body which at one of its ends carries a supporting jaw which has a flat area on which three parallel rows of depressions are provided, adapted for the ends of the staple legs to bend, two of said three ...

Mocarski Zenon R: Fluid device using coanda effect. SRC Laboratories, Junkins Ernest M, March 5, 1974: US3795367 (126 worldwide citation)

A device using the Coanda effect by which a primary fluid of high velocity, small volume induces flow of a secondary fluid with the exhaust fluid being a combination of both fluids.

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A digital television transmission system for transmitting television signals at substantially reduced bit rate and bandwidth. Frequency interleaving techniques reduce the sampling rate,and digital differential PCM with edge recoding techniques reduce the number of bits per sample. Further, reduction ...

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This is a structuring technique for fabricating a multilayer circuit assembly by laminating subassemblies and joining the conductive elements from one subassembly to another both electrically and mechanically by application of a metal powder epoxy (MPE) process at each joint interface. Adjacent cond ...

McGhie Russell Park, Ferraro Joseph George: Multiple spray pattern device. Colgate Palmolive Company, Strauch Nolan Neale Nies & Kurz, March 5, 1974: US3795366 (82 worldwide citation)

A combination spray pattern selecting and valve operating assembly adapted to be mounted on a pressurized container having a valve comprises cap structure mounting a spray pattern selector member having at least two spaced bores therein containing insert plugs that are formed with through passages p ...

Kotaka Yasumasa: Electrical connector formed from coil spring. AMP Incorporated, Keating William J, March 5, 1974: US3795884 (78 worldwide citation)

Connector for connecting conductors on printed circuit board comprises insulating block having coil spring encapsulated therein. The block has an axial cut extending through the spring to separate the individual turns. The turns are exposed on the upper and lower sides and PC boards are clamped agai ...

Sarnoff Stanley J, Calkins George B: Training injector. Survival Technology, Witherspoon and Lane, March 5, 1974: US3795061 (76 worldwide citation)

A training injector for use in learning to administer medication to one's self or another, said injector having a blunt prod which is spring projected to simulate the action of the needle in an automatic injector.

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An improved rotor characterized by efficient premixing of sample and reactant liquids prior to their being discharged into a sample analysis cuvette is provided. Inner and outer concentric circular arrays of static loading cavities are disposed within the rotor on a one-to-one basis centripetal to a ...