Hunt William C: Multipurpose cooking assembly. Mattern Jr Roy E, February 12, 1974: US3791368 (55 worldwide citation)

A portable multipurpose cooking assembly for outdoor cooking is used as a stove, griddle, toaster, pressure cooker, and charcoal broiler. It is contained in a single portable small carrying case weighing only a few pounds, inclusive of cooking fuel and accessories. The components are: a top cover an ...

Sweeney Patrick E, Schneppe Jr Robert W: Deterrent ammunition. AAI Corporation, Pippin Jr Reginald F, February 12, 1974: US3791303 (54 worldwide citation)

Deterrent ammunition, including a liquid-filled hollow ball of easily flexible plastic material, which is scored to form orange-peel-like rupture sections on impact with a target. The ball is releasably secured in cradled relation for launching in a dual element sabot, including a cradle unit of low ...

Saitou Kouji, Ichioka Hisakazu: Electromagnetic pressure-telecontrolling valve. Yuken Kogyo Company, Steinberg & Blake, February 12, 1974: US3791408 (54 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an electromagnetic pressure-telecontrolling valve characterized in that the valve inserted in a valve port is pressed by a pressure-controlling spring in the influence of a solenoid applied with a current, and that the hollow interior of said solenoid is filled with a damping ...

Meyer Maurice J: Method and apparatus for making colored expanded foam articles. MM, February 12, 1974: US3791631 (52 worldwide citation)

Colored expanded polyurethane foam articles are made by simultaneous discharging of measured amounts of isocyanate A, a suitable resin B, and a color pigmented liquid C into a mixing chamber in which is situated a rapidly rotating mixer. The mixed charge resulting flows by gravity into the lower sec ...

Bryan Jr John F: Dynamic load increasing automobile bumper. Richards Harris and Medlock, February 12, 1974: US3791468 (52 worldwide citation)

In an automobile bumper configuration, a front bumper is supported above the low front end of an automobile body at the height required by Federal regulations. The bumper has a thin cross section so as not to impede vision and is shaped as an airfoil which is oriented to force the front end of the a ...

Schaefer Carl D: Steam generator. Sonaqua, Snow Kenneth T, February 12, 1974: US3791349 (51 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for the production of steam and pressure by the intentional creation of shock waves in a distended body of water. The created shock waves are in the nature of water hammer and it is this water hammer which is repeated and intensified to such an extent the heat and pressure de ...

Pett Alfred W: Valve construction. New England Union Co, Salter & Michaelson, February 12, 1974: US3791619 (51 worldwide citation)

A solenoid operated valve construction for controlling flow of a fluid therethrough and including a diaphragm assembly, the movement of which is responsive to a pressure differential thereacross, means being associated with the diaphragm assembly for producing a change in the differential pressure t ...

Watkins Bruce J: Coupling means for a riser string run from a floating vessel to a subsea well. Regan Forge and Engineering Company, February 12, 1974: US3791442 (51 worldwide citation)

A coupling means connects a riser string of tubing to a floating vessel over a subsea well to which the string is run by a support member, which in one version is a housing mounted beneath the rotary table on the vessel with a tubing hanger support means provided in the housing, and in another versi ...

Storz Karl: Valve for endoscopes. Schaffer Murray, February 12, 1974: US3791379 (51 worldwide citation)

Endoscopes having a shaft and a head at the proximal end. The head has ducts connected to a source and drain of fluid for irrigating the body and a valve member located in the head rotatable between a first position permitting entry of the fluid and a second position allowing removal of the fluid.

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An automatic doffing apparatus adapted for use with an open end spinning machine having a plurality of spinning units arranged in side-by-side relation, for doffing full packages one by one from the respective spinning units during operation of the spinning machine while travelling along the front f ...