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A system for controlling CATV program viewing in a plurality of modes of operation. In a first mode of operation, a downstream digital transmission causes control means to develop first binary data for comparison in a comparator with selected-channel code data from channel means to enable a first ci ...

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An expandable tubular element, especially for use as a trochar, in which one or more thin metal strips, such as stainless steel, are arranged to form a tubular element with the tubular element being radially expandable and contractible.

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A method of forming a line of weakness in at least one but not all layers of multilayer laminate which comprises effecting relative movement between a beam of radiant energy of a particular predetermined wavelength and intensity and the laminate so that the energy is selectively relatively absorbed ...

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A prosthesis to resist the flow of urine through the urethra, which comprises a fluid-impervious, flexible and deformable capsule having a gel-filled, or gel and liquid-filled cavity therein. A cover encapsulates the capsule, and two flexible sling ties extend beyond the cover. The material of the c ...

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A stainless steel core wire has a tapered portion at one end and a portion of uniform thickness at another end. A Teflon jacket encloses the portion having uniform thickness to form a proximal end and a flexible stainless steel spring encloses the tapered portion forming a distal end. The spring is ...

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Vacuum devices incorporate electron or field forming sources formed by a cellular array of emission sites. The sources comprise a metal/insulator/metal film sandwich on a substrate with a cellular array of holes through the upper metal and insulator, leaving the edges of the upper metal electrode ef ...

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An inhalation device for use with an aerosol container capable of discharging a metered amount of an aerosol formulation on depression of its valve nozzle comprising, a chamber, a mouthpiece communicating with the chamber, a mechanism for causing actuation of the valve including a movable wall, a li ...

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A magnetic latch has a pair of substantially coextensive permanent bar magnets which can be arranged for mutual attraction positioning to maintain a hinged member in a closed position. One of the magnets is made axially movable with respect to the other so as to assume a mutual repulsion position wi ...

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An electrical connector in which circuit components are integrated into the connector by mounting the same within the grounding plate in the shell of the connector. Conductors of the circuit components are connected to selected electrical contact elements in the connector preferably by means of a pr ...

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A vibrating orifice monodisperse aerosol generator usable as a basic aerosol standard having a liquid feed system, a droplet generator, a droplet dispersion system and an aerosol flow system. The liquid feed system is a syringe pump operable to feed liquid into the droplet generator. The liquid is d ...