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Disclosed implant device includes a valve and conduit means for controlling the intra-occular pressure build up in a diseased eye.

Kim Sung Soo, Dusseau Andress: Expandable cannular, especially for medical purposes. Jeffers Albert L, Rickert Roger M, January 29, 1974: US3788318 (198 worldwide citation)

An expandable tube, referred to herein as a cannula, is formed by arranging at least one sheet of thin flexible material to form a tube while providing teeth or the like on the interengaging surfaces to permit controlled expansion of the tube by adjusting the surfaces over one another.

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The invention pertains to a technique for time-compressing audio signals without disturbing the relative position of the audio samples through the use of a time buffer store and a subsequent FM recording of the time-compressed audio signal in a format similar to video signals and the subsequent demo ...

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A new ceramic treatment process and product and, more particularly, a process for forming and treating and shaping and treating of porous skeletal bodies to produce hardened dimensionally stable end products at relatively low temperature and the resulting materials produced thereby which comprises t ...

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A swing measurement system for measuring characteristics of the swing of an athlete's arm, bat, club or for orthopedic and medical measurements of the movement of an individual's limbs. A transmitter is utilized for transmitting predetermined frequency to a passive repeater circuit where the receive ...

Hall Richard W: Orthogonally deflectable endoscope. American Cystoscope Makers, Jay Edgar N, January 29, 1974: US3788303 (128 worldwide citation)

A device for controlling movement of a plurality of cables including support means, a rotary first shaft and shaft means which are carried by the support means, the shaft means consisting of telescopically arranged second and third shafts which are rotatable about a common axis that is normal to the ...

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A system for coding and decoding television signals in a subscription television system provides means for alternately switching a television signal between channels at a transmitting center and for providing channel switching signals simultaneously therewith to each subscriber location to coordinat ...

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A self-supporting concrete form of foamed polymeric material to be left in place to provide insulation for a wall the form having two side walls joined by transverse tension members of sheet metal or other thin fire resistent material. The tension members are embedded in projections provided on inne ...

Jacobs Harvey Barry: Distally perforated catheter for use in ventilating system. Saffitz Abraham A, January 29, 1974: US3788326 (116 worldwide citation)

A balloon or cuff is combined with a distally perforated soft plastic tracheal catheter over a wedge in the middle part of the catheter. The catheter is molded from non-pyrogenic thermoplastic material such as polyethylene, polytetrafluorethylene, polypropylene, poly-carbonate or other readily steri ...

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The present invention is concerned with an improved method for fractionating multicomponent gas mixtures. More specifically, the present invention is primarily concerned with the improved process wherein a multicomponent oxygen containing feed stream is fractionated into a stream relatively enriched ...