Boettcher William A: Flooring sleeper assembly. Lehrer S J, January 22, 1974: US3786608 (130 worldwide citation)

A flooring sleeper assembly comprising a retainer and flooring sleepers made up of a linear series of sections. These are of floor board material and have a slot in one side edge. The present retainer is a long, metallic receptacle for the series of sleeper sections, such receptacle rising with a ch ...

Fillmore Gary L, Naylor III Hugh E, West Donald L: Servo control of ink jet pump. International Business Machines Corporation, Cooper D Kendall, January 22, 1974: US3787882 (129 worldwide citation)

An important factor in quality of printing with an ink jet printing apparatus is the velocity of the ink jet stream. The present case describes a number of servo systems for controlling velocity of the stream. This can be done indirectly by sensing pressure and/or temperature or directly by sensing ...

Manoogian Alex, Pullen Eric V: Aerator spray attachment for faucets. Masco Corporation, Whittemore Hulbert & Belknap, January 22, 1974: US3786995 (86 worldwide citation)

A combination spray and aerator device for attachment to a faucet to selectively discharge water in the form of a conical spray or an aerated stream. The device includes a housing attached to the faucet by a swivel member through which water is discharged into a chamber in the housing having two out ...

Kauffman James F: Microwave lens antenna and method of producing. Corning Glass Works, Walter S Zebrowski et al, January 22, 1974: US3787872 (86 worldwide citation)

A microwave lens for use in the transmission of microwave energy, and a method of producing such a lens. The microwave lens of this invention transforms microwave energy passing through the lens to a desired specific phase and amplitude distribution. Both surfaces of the lens are contoured interdepe ...

Pelizzoni Winton J, Greathouse Jack F, Pekar Jr Frank J, Gibson Richard B: Variable valve timing system. Mack Trucks, Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, January 22, 1974: US3786792 (86 worldwide citation)

A system for varying the valve timing of an internal combustion engine to increase the retarding effect of the engine for braking purposes, to increase the compression ratio of a relatively low compression ratio engine to enhance starting, and to optimize breathing to improve the engine performance ...

Rakes James L, Cooper Wayne E: Thermoformed snap closures. Phillips Petroleum Company, Young & Quigg, January 22, 1974: US3786982 (82 worldwide citation)

An at least substantially cylindrical columnar projection thermoformed in a first sheet of a thermoformable polymeric material and an at least substantially cylindrical columnar depression thermoformed in a second sheet are employed as a snap fastener. The exterior dimensions of the columnar project ...

Santori Charles M: Bone conduction microphone assembly. Setcom Corporation, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, January 22, 1974: US3787641 (74 worldwide citation)

A bone conduction microphone assembly with a transducer mounted in a transducer mount supported from a surrounding support member by spring means which yieldably urges the transducer mount against the user's head with predetermined pressure.

Watson William J, Stephenson Charles M: Pipelined high speed arithmetic unit. Texas Instruments Incorporated, January 22, 1974: US3787673 (72 worldwide citation)

A digital computer central processing unit is disclosed having an arithmetic unit which forms an element of an instruction processing pipeline. The arithmetic unit has within it a plurality of arithmetic subunits each with its own storage and partitioned on a functional basis for the simultaneous ex ...

Tourin Andre Marcel: Splint having inflatable detachable cushions. Institute European de Recherces et d Applications Medicals IERAM, Bacon & Thomas, January 22, 1974: US3786805 (68 worldwide citation)

Elongated, inflatable cushions are detachably secured along the length of a -shaped frame adapted to support the limb of a vertebrae. A stretching device is provided for encircling the ankle of the user to apply tension to the supported limb.

Carbonnel Henri, Borie Robert: Immersion pump for pumping corrosive liquid metals. Groupement Atomique Alsacienne Atlantique, Richard C Sughrue et al, January 22, 1974: US3787143 (67 worldwide citation)

Immersion pump having slight bulk, for liquid metals, operating by conduction, consisting of one or two magnetic circuits, a conduction loop made of liquid metal and of two electrodes limiting the liquid metal duct in the active zone. A refractory material is cast round the components of the pump, a ...