Bill Dukette
Dukette William J: Relay memory circuit. American Associated Cybernetics, Michaelsen II Alfred L, Smith Charles B, January 8, 1974: US3784879 (3 worldwide citation)

A circuit comprised of a plurality of relays, all of which are connected in parallel. The energization of any one relay automatically deenergizes and unlatches any previously latched relay.

Berman deceased Aaron Robert, Berman administratrix Katharine D: Golf ball. Thomas M Ferrill Jr et al, January 8, 1974: US3784209 (118 worldwide citation)

One-piece, nonhomogeneous, molded golf ball is obtained by forming a center of an uncured elastomeric material, surrounding the center with a compatible but different uncured elastomeric material, and curing both elastomeric materials, such that when said materials are cured they become integral wit ...

Kessler Hyman, P eritt Harvey L: Tubular adhesive joint with snap lock. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Sciascia R S, Cooke J A, Raskin M G, January 8, 1974: US3784235 (101 worldwide citation)

A pipe coupling including male and female attachment members connected to a air of tubular sections which are to be coupled. The female attachment member includes a circumferential groove formed interiorly therein while the male attachment member includes a reduced diameter portion whose outer diame ...

Holmstrom Lars Olof: X-ray device with a stand. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Richards & Geier, January 8, 1974: US3784837 (99 worldwide citation)

An X-ray device has a stand and an X-ray tube mounted upon a bracket which is supported rotatably about a support axis extending perpendicularly to its longitudinal axis. The invention is particularly characterized in that a carrying arm is rotatably mounted upon the free end of the bracket and that ...

Jacobs Harvey Barry: Weighted surgical clamp having foldable prop. Saffitz Abraham A, January 8, 1974: US3783873 (91 worldwide citation)

Weighted clamp for surgical retracting use in the operating room. In one form, a clamp is fitted with weights in one or both handles which may be detachable and will vary in accordance with the surgical procedure. For gall bladder or hernia operations in adults the weights may vary from about 1/2 po ...

Weichselbaum Theodore E: Universal parenteral fluid administration connector. Sherwood Medical, Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord, January 8, 1974: US3783895 (80 worldwide citation)

A connector for connecting parenteral fluid administration tubing to any one of a plurality of different parenteral fluid supply containers having different closure means. The connector includes threaded means for engagement with the threaded closure portion of one form of such parenteral fluid supp ...

Hirt Dieter, Gerlich Leonhard, Heinle Eugen: Method and apparatus to monitor quality of operation of a piston in a cylinder. Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nurnberg Aktiengesellschaft, Flynn & Frishauf, January 8, 1974: US3783681 (77 worldwide citation)

A transducer is connected to the cylinder sleeve or liner, and deflection, preferably axial vibration or oscillation of the liner is converted into an electrical signal, which is integrated, and detected with respect to a reference level; if a vibration frequency, particularly in the ultrasonic rang ...

King Michael Charles: High accuracy alignment procedure utilizing moire patterns. Bell Telephone Laboratories, Ostroff I, January 8, 1974: US3783520 (75 worldwide citation)

A pair of moire gratings that comprise a similar pattern of concentric lines but have a different pitch are used with a microscope to provide extremely accurate alignment of objects such as a photolithographic mask and a substrate of a semiconductive material.

O Connor William Raymond: Hockey helmet. Everett J Schroeder et al, January 8, 1974: US3783450 (74 worldwide citation)

A hockey helmet is disclosed in which an outer shell is formed of lightweight material generally by injection molding with three protective ribs extending longitudinally over the top of the helmet, the two outer ribs having openings formed therein. The openings progressively decrease in area as they ...

Anderson John R: Reclosable package. C Frederick Leydig et al, January 8, 1974: US3784055 (71 worldwide citation)

Alcohol-impregnated tissues are stacked face-to-face in a plastic dish-shaped container which is initially sealed air-tight by a peel-away sheet or film to prevent evaporation and leakage of the alcohol. The container is nested within a paperboard carton having a hinged cover whose underside carries ...