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A multi-layered anti-reflection coating for use with a glass substrate includes four layers of material, the first layer furthest from the substrate having an optical thickness of a preselected design wavelength, .lambda..sub.o.sub.' in the range of 0.260 .lambda..sub.o > N.sub.l d.sub.1 > 0.230 .la ...

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This disclosure relates to a connector assembly which utilizes a hollow coupling member or ring having an internally threaded portion at one end thereof and a cylindrical recess at the other end thereof which serves to hold one end of a tubular shaped member that is adapted to make connection to the ...

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In a thermoelectric unit comprising a plurality of thermoelectric elements, accurate spacing between adjacent elements is achieved by use of a cellular insulating material between adjacent thermoelectric elements and applying pressure during setting of the bonding medium so that the bonding medium o ...

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In a cardiac pacer monitoring system for use with pacer patients, apparatus for deriving reliable pacer trigger signals from electrocardiac activity including, processing the electrocardiac signal to exclude QRS and 60 Hz problems, integrating the processed signal to act as a threshold control, comp ...

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A plastic film structure for forming a bag including a sheet of thin plastic film with continuous shaped interlocking rib and groove profiles thereon either integral with the film or on strips which are fused to the film with the sheet having plastic reinforcing strips thereon between the profiles w ...

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Carriers for packaging semiconductor devices. Strips of such carriers. The carriers comprise a flexible transparent film base, and have adherent thereto discretionary conductor patterns and bonding pads on the interior extremities of the conductor patterns.

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A web splicing apparatus has a pair of bilaterally disposed suction boxes with a plurality of conveyor belts passing over the suction boxes and conveying liner paper toward the opposite terminal sections of the boxes while the liner paper is being sucked by the action of said suction boxes. Outlet r ...

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A device and method for expanding a tubing liner having a preformed reverse bend by pulling the metal of the liner outwardly to expand the reverse bend and bring the liner into a substantially cylindrical shape inside of a well tubing or other pipe.

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A radar antenna and method of constructing the same, the antenna having a cup-like support base, a printed antenna circuit on a thin flexible dielectric blank, and an impervious cover, the antenna being constructed by stretching the dielectric blank across the open end of the support using a jig hav ...

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A medicinal dispensing device comprising a plurality of flanges having corners and being detachably connected along certain lines so that each flange may be separated from the remaining flanges, a chamber with an outer opening depending from each flange, the chamber being adapted to hold a drug, tab ...