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Novel photosolubilizable compositions and their preparation are described. These compositions comprise (1) a water-insoluble compound containing one or more acid-degradable groups, and (2) a photoinitiator comprising a photolyzable acid progenitor. Presensitized elements utilizing these photosolubil ...

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The process of solution mining sodium bicarbonate (e.g., nahcolite) from a subsurface sodium bicarbonate containing, oil shale formation with water is improved by conducting leaching operations at a selected temperature greater than 250.degree.F and adjusting pressure to a particular preferred value ...

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An elongated sleeve is insertable into a passage provided in a fractured bone, so as to bridge the fracture thereof. The front end of the sleeve carries an expansion anchor sleeve which is longitudinally slotted so that its circumferential wall is composed of strips which are connected only at the l ...

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An oil-containing or lubricant-containing molded plastic composition comprising a lubricant adsorbent carrier having a surface area of at least 0.01 m.sup.2 /g, and being selected from the group consisting of a non-fusible naturally occurring inorganic powder, a synthetic high molecular weight mater ...

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Polyurethane sealant-primer system comprising an isocyanate-reactive surface primer composition and a moisture-curable polyurethane sealant composition; method of making cured polyurethane seals with said system; cured polyurethane seals produced thereby.

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An artificial joint for simulating motion of a natural slide and hinge joint of the body, such as those at the knee, elbow or ankle. The disclosed joint comprises rigid overlapping plates connected by a pivot and slide arrangement. First and second pivot bearing elements engage first and second arcu ...

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Apparatus for string lasting the uppers of shoes or boots has a power operated device for pulling the string. Clamping means, conveniently one or more bollards, are provided for holding the string and are mounted on a linear actuator such as pneumatic piston and cylinder device. The actuator is eith ...

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A mattress, for use in treating a patient who has undergone extensive surgery or who has been severely burned, comprises an upper panel a lower panel and means for supplying air to the space between said panels, said lower panel being of air-impermeable material and at least a part of said upper pan ...

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Piles are installed by driving a tubular lower pile shell section into the ground to a first location beyond which the shell section refuses to penetrate, thereafter, filling the shell with concrete, allowing the concrete to harden and stiffen the shell, and thereafter continuing to drive the concre ...

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A combination night light and vaporizer for liquids in which a plug-in electric wall bracket removably receives a throw-away container in the form of a dispensing package containing the vaporizable liquid. An electric lamp in the bracket provides a heat source for vaporizing the liquid in the contai ...