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A tip on a catheter is bent to steer the distal end of the catheter by displacing a control fluid within an elongated fluid conduit to stretch one longitudinally extending side of the tip relative to an opposite longitudinally extending side of the tip. The stretched side bends about the shorter sid ...

Bapat Dilip C: Clocked bootstrap inverter circuit. National Semiconductor Corporation, November 20, 1973: US3774055 (174 worldwide citation)

A clocked bootstrap inverter circuit including an inverting amplifier, an active load for the inverting amplifier including a capacitive bootstrapping circuit, a biasing circuit responsive to a first clocking signal and a second clocking signal 180.degree. out of phase with the first clocking signal ...

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A novel data processing system especially useful at check-out counters is provided that comprises a readout apparatus for sensing a printed code, which is placed on articles of merchandise, e.g. a binary code, which appears as an array of printed lines and spaces. The system includes a camera-type i ...

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An information signal train which may, for example, be an audio signal, is divided into equal time intervals and temprarily stored. Each stored element is read out in a random pattern so as to randomly 'scramble' the arrangement of the elements as compared with their original arrangement. The 'scram ...

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A thermoplastic container package wherein both the container and its lid have horizontal rims and descending flanges. The lid rim has a peripheral score line along its undersurface and the flanges are sealed along their length except adjacent a lid tab utilizable for lifting and thereby severing the ...

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A microwave communications system propagates video information and a high grade wide band subcarrier channel notwithstanding substantial differential phase and differential gain (system nonlinearities) exhibited by the microwave transmitter. The supplementary information is quantized (if not already ...

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A method of interconnecting parallel circuit boards, including and principally for, memory planes, comprises bonding one end of a flat flexible cable to the edge of a first board, and connecting the word straps or other leads directly to the flat flexible cable. The other end of the flat connector c ...

Timbers William R: Quick disconnect coupling. November 20, 1973: US3773360 (92 worldwide citation)

A quick connect and disconnect coupling for a pair of interfitting male and female coupling members which includes a resilient locking member carried by the male coupling member and snap locking with the female coupling member upon axial engagement of the coupling members into locked condition. Camm ...

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A light emitting diode module with a dome encapsulant in which the geometry is designed to maximize the light output in the plane of the junction. The module is adapted to couple light into a planar light guide, such as a telephone dial faceplate, so that discrete remote regions of the faceplate can ...

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The invention provides an improved inflatable mattress comprising at least two compartments situated one above the other, at least one of the compartments being internally partitioned, and an aperture in each of the said compartments whereby the said compartments can be separately inflated.