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Water-soluble, alkaline curing resins which are the reaction products of an epihalohydrin and a polymer of a diallylamine are disclosed. The resins are particularly useful as wet strength agents for paper and additionally give superior dry strength to paper.

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An anastomosis clamp including a first clamping collar, a second clamping collar, a support rod connected to the first collar with said second collar having a support member slidable on said support rod, each of the opposed edges of said collars being formed with undulations which mate, and means fo ...

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An optical parametric device is described which may be used as an amplifier, oscillator, or frequency converter, and which is operable in the infrared or visible spectral regions. The device utilizes a dielectric optical waveguide or tuned cavity, which structure may comprise the depletion layer of ...

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An inserter for an intrauterine device is shaped with a slender, elongated body and includes at one end thereof means whereby the intrauterine device may be firmly retained upon the inserter. Rotation of the inserter relative to the intrauterine device effects release of the intrauterine device from ...

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Quality control testing of production current limiting fuses is achieved by subjecting the fuses to a minimum melt i.sup.2 t (amp.sup.2 seconds) condition. The fuses to be tested are connected in an electrical circuit and subjected to a test current of given magnitude for one loop of a 60 hertz sour ...

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Attaching tapes and tape backing or liner are applied to pads such as disposable diapers as they are advanced past a vacuum roller where strips of tape and tape backing are applied to successive pads to interconnect adjacent pad ends. The connected pads are advanced to a cut-off knife which cuts the ...

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Method and apparatus for automated antibiotic susceptibility analysis of bacteria samples including a device for feeding in succession a plurality of different samples, each of a significant, unknown bacterium from a respective receptacle to plural respective ones of receiving receptacles in which t ...

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Individual image areas of a previously recorded motion picture scene can be odified electronically despite relative movement of such areas from frame to frame. Video values for each image element are stored in digital form in the memory of a general purpose computer in association with identifying a ...

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A photoelectrophoretic imaging system wherein an imaging suspension made up of electrically photosensitive particles and inert particles dispersed in an insulating carrier liquid are exposed to a light image and a uniform electrical field. An image is formed by particle migration in image configurat ...

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An apparatus and method for the treatment of sewage and waste comprising an enclosed pressurized vessel for receiving transported sewage and for treating the same to provide biological and chemical oxidation and sterilization and undesirable color, taste, odor, phenol, cyanide and phosphate reductio ...