Bill Dukette
Dukette William J: Sensor responsive cybernetics machine. American Associated Cybernetics, November 6, 1973: US3770140 (25 worldwide citation)

A machine for locating, engaging and moving an article located on a work surface. The machine includes a head movable in vertical, lateral and thrust axes, sensors along each such axis and programmer means for selectively sensitizing selected sensors to stop said head at selected positions along eac ...

Abraham George E, Royo Carlos M: In situ coal gasification process. Cities Service Oil Company, November 6, 1973: US3770398 (246 worldwide citation)

A method for in situ coal gasification to recover a calorific value gas by the water-gas shift reaction for the optimum formation of carbon monoxide and hydrogen through the simultaneous introduction of carbon dioxide and steam into an injection well in order to shift the reaction kinetics of the pr ...

Goldman Leon, Rockwell Jr R James: Instrument for performing laser micro-surgery and diagnostic transillumination of living human tissue. November 6, 1973: US3769963 (161 worldwide citation)

An instrument for performing delicate surgery on man is provided with a continuous wave laser source specially associated with a binocular surgical microscope. The laser source emits electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths, preferably in the visible light range but also in the near visible infrared ...

Barner Robert Paul, Deveer John Anton, Oblonsky Jan Gustav: Memory control in a multipurpose system utilizing a broadcast. International Business Machines Corporation, November 6, 1973: US3771137 (146 worldwide citation)

In a multiprocessing computer where a plurality of processors, each with its own buffer memory, share a main memory, a broadcast system provides each processor the capability to query each other processor to determine whether a modified (e.g. updated) version of the desired data is located in anothe ...

Muench Lloyd D: Pacing catheter with frictional fit lead attachment. Sherwood Medical, November 6, 1973: US3769984 (128 worldwide citation)

A device for transvenous insertion such as for use in connection with transmitting electrical pulses in a heart pacer. The device comprises a catheter having highly flexible electrical conductors spaced apart therein connected to a pair of spaced electrodes at the distal end for delivering a pacing ...

Celtruda Joseph Orazio, Crosthwait William Russell, Earle John Goodell, Fennel Jr John Wenard, Henderson Roy Francis: Apparatus and method for serializing instructions from two independent instruction streams. International Business Machines Corporation, November 6, 1973: US3771138 (114 worldwide citation)

In a pipelined processing unit of a digital computer, an apparatus for sharing the processing capability of the computer between two independent instruction streams is disclosed. The apparatus includes a buffer for instructions of each of the independent instruction streams. These buffers are connec ...

McWhorter Daniel M: Urinary catheter. The Kendall Company, November 6, 1973: US3769981 (109 worldwide citation)

Catheters have proximal and distal tubular ends joined by a preferably flexible connecting portion of reduced diameter so that liquid draining through the catheter can wash the walls of the urethra. Rigidifying aids to the insertion of the catheter when flexible are described.

Graven Richard G: Split feed reforming and n-paraffin elimination from low boiling reformate. Mobil Oil Corporation, November 6, 1973: US3770614 (108 worldwide citation)

A processing combination is described for upgrading naphtha boiling range hydrocarbons by a combination of catalytic reforming and selective conversion of paraffinic components to enhance yield of aromatic hydrocarbons by contact with crystalline aluminosilicate catalysts having particular conversio ...

Kitzner Ernest W, Rhodes Alex, Shachter Moses: Catalytic converter with electrically resistive catalyst support. Ford Motor Company, November 6, 1973: US3770389 (106 worldwide citation)

A corrugated stainless steel sheet and a flat stainless steel sheet are sandwiched together and wound spirally so the corrugations form a plurality of small gas flow passages connecting the converter inlet with the converter outlet. Alumina coatings on the sheets electrically insulate the sheets fro ...

Perl Theodore: Flashlight attachment clip for spectacles. November 6, 1973: US3769663 (95 worldwide citation)

A clip for attaching a small flashlight to one of the temples of a spectacle frame is made in two parts, one part being adapted to be mounted on a spectacle temple and the other part supports a small penlight. The first part has a temple-engaging portion and two clips projecting therefrom to closely ...