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A building panel construction made up of a plurality of interlocked side-by-side panels. Each panel comprises spaced, parallel front and rear sheets having therebetween an insulating, rigid core element bonded under pressure to the inside surface of the sheets. One edge of each panel is provided wit ...

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Electrical stimulation electrodes for implantation within a living body for transmission of stimuli to excitable neural or contractile cells. The electrodes are characterized by flexibility to permit following of contour variations and maintenance of electrical contact with the stimulation region. T ...

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The semiconductor structure consists of a semiconductor body having first and second major surfaces with the devices being formed in one surface and with the lead structure making contact to the devices being carried by the one surface. Contact is made to the devices solely from the second major sur ...

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A device is disclosed comprised of a wall formed of a material collapsable in response to mechanical force and surrounding a closed compartment for containing an agent, a dispensing passageway communicates with the compartment and the exterior of the device for dispensing agent therefrom, a filling ...

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A continuous spline and seat connector assembly that is adapted for use in the construction of buildings such as houses. The spline may be inserted into a seat member in the direction of the depth of the seat member and its removal opposed by a locking action which occurs after the insertion of the ...

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An extruded sealing gasket for installing between adjacent panel sections of wall structures and the like to seal and insulate therebetween, said gasket being constructed to facilitate its installation and to resist working loose and coming out after it has been installed.

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Level sensitive testing is performed on a generalized and modular logic system that is utilized as an arithmetic/logical unit in a digital computer. Each arithmetic/logical unit of a computer is formed of arrangements of combinational logic networks and storage circuitry. The storage circuitry has t ...

Andrew Daniel Edward: Endotracheal tube clamp. September 25, 1973: US3760811 (105 worldwide citation)

A disposable clamp for holding an endotracheal tube or the like during use comprises a pair of superimposed wafer-like clamping members formed with complementary cut-away portions to define an aperture for receiving the tube. The members provide respective pairs of parallel upstanding walls of sawto ...

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A surgical instrument for ligating internal structures of a cavity in the human body, such as internal hemorrhoids, by means of at least one elastic cord comprises two tubes mounted for relative sliding movement one inside the other, the inner tube protruding at the front of the outer tube. A grip m ...

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A tampon applicator assembly having inner and outer telescoped cardboard tubes and an absorbent fibrous tampon body within the outer tube so that the inner tube may expel the fibrous body out of the outer tube, with a cap or sack of film covering the end of the fibrous body protruding from the outer ...