Hancock Warren D: Flexible stent for heart valve. September 4, 1973: US3755823 (461 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for heart valves that includes a stent having apexes interconnected by arms, the apexes being deflectable inwardly upon hemodynamic loading of the heart valve for reducing the stress in the valve tissue, the stent being covered by a cloth sleeve which may have an integral bead or flap ...

Ota Isao: Electrophoretic display device. Matsushita Electric Industrial, September 4, 1973: US3756693 (328 worldwide citation)

An electrophoretic display device in which an electrophoretic suspension layer including a dispersion of at least one electrophoretic material in a finely divided powder form suspended in a suspending medium is interposed between a pair of electrodes, at least one of which is transparent. A colored ...

Ulicki Edward M: Communication system. Telebeam Corporation, September 4, 1973: US3757225 (177 worldwide citation)

A communication system by which a plurality of substantially simultaneously transmitted different subscription programs may be selectively individually displayed on a common display channel. A multiplexed communication signal containing a plurality of different program information signals and a plur ...

Barkan Harold, Barkan Edward D, Swartz Jerome: Transparent touch controlled interface with interreactively related display. Hall Barkan Instruments, September 4, 1973: US3757322 (121 worldwide citation)

A transparent touch actuated interface with an interactively related display, in which the display is substantially fully covered by a solid state overlay, e.g., a keyboard, composed of one or more to-be-touched contact areas of electrically conductive transparent material electrically isolated from ...

Bialek Norman: Video image retrieval catalog system. September 4, 1973: US3757037 (105 worldwide citation)

An image retrieval is provided for displaying any selected image stored on a tape cassette or cartridge, which may be a video tape, a photographic film tape, etc., using available display equipment, by keying, on a simple numerical keyboard, index numbers which indicate successively finer categories ...

Weber Edwin J, Pugh Timothy G: Cordless power tool having removable battery pack. The Black and Decker Manufacturing Company, September 4, 1973: US3757194 (104 worldwide citation)

A shrub and hedge trimmer including elongated relatively reciprocating toothed blades and a housing containing a D. C. motor for operating at least one of the blades, and incorporating a battery pack having exterior grooves slidably mounted on tracks in the body member for automatic snap-in connecti ...

Boone Gary W: Computing systems cpu. Texas Instruments Incorporated, September 4, 1973: US3757306 (102 worldwide citation)

A central processing unit (CPU) is utilized in combination with external random access or serial memory units. The CPU includes a parallel arithmetic logic unit (ALU), accumulator and file register, program and memory address register, and a 7 level program address stack. The parallel processor incl ...

Hague George V: Leg exercising device for simulating ice skating. September 4, 1973: US3756595 (101 worldwide citation)

A frame carries a pair of articulated components engageable by the feet of the user. Tensioning devices attached to the frame give resistance to rearward movement of a user's legs thus enabling the user to simulate skating and strengthen the necessary muscles and the like.

Izraeli Hyman: Selectively closable protective enclosure for electrical splices and the like. Thomas & Betts Corporation, September 4, 1973: US3757031 (97 worldwide citation)

A protective enclosure preferably for spliced connections and the like comprising, in one embodiment, a pair of universally mating members each having a male and female portion of selectively engageable latch means and a highly resilient inner liner wherein said device may be releasably locked about ...

Bombardier Jerome, Perreault Jules: Suspension for tracked vehicles. Bombardier, September 4, 1973: US3756667 (91 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a suspension system for snowmobiles or like vehicles utilizing a resilient biased support for an endless track. The suspension system includes at least two laterally spaced longitudinally co-extensive slide units, each said unit having front and rear pivotally interconnecte ...