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Vacuum devices incorporate electron or field forming sources formed by a cellular array of emission sites. The sources comprise a metal/insulator/metal film sandwich on a substrate with a cellular array of holes through the upper metal and insulator, leaving the edges of the upper metal electrode ef ...

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A flexible nasal cannula adapted for the intake of therapeutic gas from either the right or left side of a patient, wherein the top and bottom wall sections of the cross tube are tapered from the ends to the mid point of the cross tube.

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In a communication system for transmitting and receiving television information by means of digital codes, the horizontal sync pulses are transformed into a code word, thus leaving time slots in the transmitted waveform which are unoccupied by the digital picture information or the code word represe ...

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In an epicyclic gear box all the teeth of the various gear wheels are of single helical form. The tipping couple produced on the planet wheels due to the helix angle of the teeth is balanced by displacing the sun and annulus gears in opposite directions along the planet wheel axis so that the radial ...

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A hydrocarbon-containing formation penetrated by at least one in-jection well and at least one producing well is produced by passing flooding fluid at a preselected rate into the formation via the injection well while transmitting oscillatory pressure waves from the injection well outwardly through ...

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A flexible joint for use with apparatus subjected to an internal/external pressure differential for example, submersible diving apparatus. The joint comprises an annular female member into which a relatively angularly movable annular male member can extend and which members are coupled together by a ...

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A device in radiographic apparatuses for compensating the variations in thickness, density and absorption properties in different parts of an object being radiographed so as to produce a more uniform average exposure of the radiographic recording medium and thereby a more uniform image contrast in a ...

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A see through plastic U-shaped circular saw blade guard and kerf splitter assembly wherein the guard is pivotally swingably mounted on the kerf splitter through a relatively short inverted U-shaped link pivoted at one end in straddling relation to the kerf splitter with the web at the one end notche ...

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The invention is directed to the method of controlling electrostatic charge on aircraft and vulnerability to lightning strikes and relates to the use of a knitted wire mesh material applied over a glass fiber composite panel or plastic aerodynamic surface of an aircraft to form a permanent integral ...

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Automatic sampling and reading equipment and methods for use in supplying biological samples to an automatic analyzer and in correlating test results from the automatic analyzer with the identity of the patient providing each sample. The equipment successively indexes a tray of containers each havin ...