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An alloy capable of having the property of heat recoverability imparted thereto comprising 49.1 to 50.2 atomic percent of titanium, 2.1 to 4.7 atomic percent of iron and the remainder nickel.

Wood Ernest C, Samuels Peter B: Suture clip. August 21, 1973: US3753438 (172 worldwide citation)

In order to promote even healing and minimize scarring, this application discloses a flat clip to be applied to each end of a thread drawn by a needle through the edges of the wound until the clip lies flat against the surface of the skin. The application also discloses a tool carrying a cartridge h ...

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This is a communication controller that is utilized in a network consisting of a plurality of terminal stations, each station capable of transmitting and receiving digital messages. All stations within the system contain a communication controller which detects address or data errors. Properly decod ...

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There is disclosed a method for manufacturing a television antenna, as well as a television antenna which is manufactured according to the preferred method. The television antenna of the preferred embodiment comprises a layer of flexible non-conductive material, such as mylar, on top of which is aff ...

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A process for removing non-metallic constituents in molten metal, particularly aluminium and its alloys. In one treatment the metal is flowed through a multiplicity of flux-lined channels which are conveniently provided by a bed of flux-coated granules of a size such that the channels are large enou ...

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In concrete compositions based on hydraulic cement, improved properties in respect of workability, especially mouldability, capacity for being impelled along a pipe as by pumping, and frost resistance in the concrete, are obtained by incorporating in the composition a minor proportion of dispersed c ...

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Improved reuseable and convertible shipping pallet of cradle-like design having truss-like reinforcing elements and special attachments whereby the pallet can be used to ship either flat or annular shaped products with equal facility and can be handled equally well by various types of pallet handlin ...

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An easily operable quick-acting coupling unit including a pair of telescopic members, the female member carrying resilient locking means, and the male member being shaped for engagement by said locking means when inserted in the female member by a snap-in action; said locking means being movable to ...

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A method and apparatus for the rapid sterilization of a contaminated surface which involves the use of microwave energy fields combined with a humid atmosphere having a relative humidity of at least 50 percent. The material to be sterilized is placed into a self-sealed container at least partially t ...

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An acrylic based terpolymer coating composition, adapted for use in coating polyolefin films, comprising an interpolymer of (a) from about 2 to about 15 parts by weight of an .alpha.-.beta.monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid and (b) from about 85 to about 98 parts by weight of neutral mono ...