Fraser Alexander Gibson: Digital data communication system. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, July 31, 1973: US3749845 (172 worldwide citation)

A digital data transmission system comprising a plurality of interconnected switching units, each such unit having connected thereto at least one transmission loop, and each such loop having at least one digital device attached thereto. The system provides controllable buffering of digital data ther ...

Willson James K V, Eskridge Marshall: Vascular tissue removing device. July 31, 1973: US3749085 (167 worldwide citation)

A device for removing specimens of vascular tissue by scraping various portions of the area to be sampled is formed by a multi-strand coil of wires, the ends of the wires being cut to define radially projecting, axially offset cutters, the device being guided by remote control means.

Kohlmann William: Surgical retractor device. July 31, 1973: US3749088 (132 worldwide citation)

A surgical retractor device including a frame means, quick release means adjustably mounting a plurality of retractor arm means to said frame means for movement relative thereto, and an automatically self-adjusting retractor blade means mounted to said retractor arm means, said retractor blade means ...

Fleischer John M: Light scanning and printing system. International Business Machines, July 31, 1973: US3750189 (131 worldwide citation)

A light scanning system of controlled spot motion variation perpendicular to the direction of scan utilizing a rotating mirror and two cylindrical or toroidal lenses positioned relative to the rotating mirror to allow increased nominal axis of rotation to facet angular tolerances while maintaining a ...

Helfet Arthur Jacob: Replacements for bicondylar joints in human limbs. July 31, 1973: US3748662 (97 worldwide citation)

A surgical prosthesis or implant for replacing the natural components of a bicondylar joint in a human limb (leg or arm). Thus, a natural knee or elbow joint consists of two pairs of coacting load-bearing condyles. The prosthetic implant has two pairs of coacting male and female condylar components. ...

Feinstein Sumner Sheldon, Golner Jerold Julius, D Amato Anthony Salvatore, Trunk Eugene John: Traversing film cutter. Borden, July 31, 1973: US3748939 (97 worldwide citation)

The apparatus includes a motor; a guide rod; a blade mounted for reciprocable movement on the guide rod in response to the actuation of the motor; and an actuating bar over which film is pulled and which energizes the motor in response to the pressure applied to it by the stretched film, the blade i ...

Kline William M, Roach Charles C: Spring guide with flexible distal tip. Medical Evaluation Devices & Instruments, July 31, 1973: US3749086 (94 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a spring guide having an elongated helically wound spring body and a composite internal core constructed to enable the distal tip portion of the spring guide to flex readily without kinking while retaining its ability to return to its normally unflexed condition after h ...

Kreps Robert W: Battery testing method employing capacitance and dissipation factor measurements. July 31, 1973: US3750011 (92 worldwide citation)

A method for testing electrical storage batteries employs a measurement of electrical capacitance between the battery terminal posts to indicate whether the constructional quality of the battery is acceptable and, if not, to further indicate the class of defect involved, and employs a measurement of ...

Gehman John B, Herlich Gilbert A, Mikuteit Seigfried: Postal tracking system. General Dynamics, July 31, 1973: US3750167 (89 worldwide citation)

A system for tracking mail bags, letters, and parcels through a post office to determine mail processing times accurately as well as processing delays is disclosed. An unobtrusive transponder in the form of a card is located in letters or mail bags to be tracked. A number of stations are located alo ...

Cayton David Walter, Johnson Leslie William: Precision depth seed planter. Deere & Company, July 31, 1973: US3749035 (82 worldwide citation)

A precision depth planter including a plurality of furrow-forming units mounted on a main frame for relative vertical movement, each unit including a pair of depth gauge wheels for carrying the unit and for regulating the depth of the furrow formed thereby. A seed dispensing unit is mounted on the f ...