Zaffaroni Alejandro: Bandage for controlled release of vasodilators. Alza Corporation, July 3, 1973: US3742951 (222 worldwide citation)

Medical bandage for use in the continuous administration to circulation of controlled quantities of systemically active coronary vasodilators over a prolonged period of time by absorption through the external body skin or mucosa is comprised of a backing member, a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating ...

Boland Bernard W: Amorphous silicon film as a uv filter. Motorola, July 3, 1973: US3743847 (179 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed the use of a thin amorphous silicon film as a narrow-band rejection filter which is used either as a mask to UV light in semiconductor device processing or is used as a protective shield for solar cells which overheat in the presence of ultraviolet light.

Strickland Frederick W: Snake bite kit. July 3, 1973: US3742954 (143 worldwide citation)

A snake bite kit having an elongated handle on one end of which is a lancing device with a poison extractor telescopically mounted along the other end of the handle. The lancing device is provided with a pair of cutting blades mounted on a flat spring with a trigger arrangement for releasing the bla ...

Blanchenot John Philip: Coaxial cable connector. International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, July 3, 1973: US3744011 (141 worldwide citation)

A coaxial cable connector for securing the inner and outer conductors of the cable to the connector. A radially deformable inner conductor seizing member is formed on an insulating member which can be locked to the inner conductor of the cable by application of an axial force to the seizing member. ...

Horak Martin S: Three-piece coaxial cable connector. Vikoa, July 3, 1973: US3744007 (136 worldwide citation)

A three-piece connector is provided which may be securely attached both mechanically and electrically to a coaxial cable without requiring the removal of the cables outer cover. The connector includes a connector body having a longitudinal bore formed therein, an axially-movable cam sleeve adapted t ...

Mansfeld Hans: Elastic gap sealing device. July 3, 1973: US3742669 (122 worldwide citation)

The present sealing device is adapted for sealing gaps between adjacent structural members especially pre-fabricated concrete components. The present device includes a sealing strip of elastic material such as rubber having two lateral strips interconnected by a bridging strip with longitudinal fold ...

Bitzer Donald L, Johnson Michael, Stifle Jack: Transmitter and receiver for the transmission of digital data over standard television channels. July 3, 1973: US3743767 (117 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a method for the economical distribution of digital data to a number of data terminals using standard commercial television channels including a digital transmitter for transmitting digital data over a video cable and a receiver for receiving the transmitted digital data and selectivel ...

Dennis Edward J: Golf swing practice club. July 3, 1973: US3743297 (109 worldwide citation)

A golf swing practice, training and exercising club which is expressly designed for practicing and developing a well-timed rhythmically speed-controlled golf swing. It comprises a shaft having an upper end with a handgrip and which, generally stated, is comparable with a regulation or conventional h ...

Szekely Andrew Geza: Apparatus for refining molten aluminum. Union Carbide Corporation, July 3, 1973: US3743263 (108 worldwide citation)

The apparatus of the invention is capable of injecting gas in the form of small discrete bubbles into a mass of molten metal. The apparatus comprises a rotatable shaft coupled to drive means at its upper end and a vaned rotor at its lower end. Gas under sufficient pressure to be injected into the me ...

Walden Richard M, Medlin Roger E, Warren Robert A, Weers Delbert D: Environmental data system. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, July 3, 1973: US3744043 (101 worldwide citation)

An environmental data system which continuously records the output of one or more field located environmental sensors, and which establishes a communication link with a remote central control station when the output of any of the sensors, over a predetermined period of time, exceeds a predetermined ...