Schwartz Lawrence: Electrical cable terminating and grounding connector. June 12, 1973: US3739076 (185 worldwide citation)

A terminating and grounding connector for electrical cables and the like. The connector includes a housing and an end member screw threadedly mounted on said housing. A resilient annular electrically conductive coil spring is mounted between adjacent portions of the housing and end member. As the en ...

Cohen Morton, Silverman Elliott: Method and apparatus for applying orthodontic brackets and the like. June 12, 1973: US3738005 (168 worldwide citation)

An orthodontic method and apparatus wherein a dental cast of a patient has detachably applied thereto at locations selected by the orthodontist a plurality of brackets, and the like, and a positioner is provided which captures the brackets in their proper position and transfers the brackets so posit ...

Lester Robert W: Electronic system for locating. Recognition Devices, June 12, 1973: US3739329 (129 worldwide citation)

An electronic locating system includes a central console having a transmitter, receiver, and a display means, and a plurality of portable transreceiver units, and a plurality of stations located at various places such as rooms on the premises where the system is installed. The transmitter is adapted ...

Seiter William A, Christensen Calvin J: Emergency light unit for mounting to an electrical wall outlet. SAID Christensen by said Seiter, June 12, 1973: US3739226 (118 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an emergency light unit of a size for plugging into a standard electrical wall outlet. The unit is self-contained and includes means for energizing the light when the main electrical power fails and the ambient light in the area in which it is mounted is below a prescribed ...

Bennett Harry: Cigar or cigarette having substitute filler. BR Laboratory, June 12, 1973: US3738374 (103 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to the production of cigars or cigarettes which have a tobacco substitute filler and a wrapper and which on burning produce vapors and condensates free from nicotine, and which have only a minute amount of tars. The tobacco substitute is made from carbon or graphite fibers, m ...

Jacobs James W: Means for cooling and heating a seat structure. General Motors Corporation, June 12, 1973: US3738702 (100 worldwide citation)

A seat structure such as a vehicle seat or a portable pad capable of being placed upon a seat structure including a heat pipe assembly having an elevated portion responsive to body heat of an occupant in the area where the body engages the seat or pad thereby heating and cycling a volatile fluid in ...

McCombs Norman R: Selective adsorption gas separation process. Union Carbide Corporation, June 12, 1973: US3738087 (98 worldwide citation)

Gas mixtures such as air are separated in selective adsorbent beds to produce product such as oxygen by introducing compressed air to a partially repressurized bed, selectively adsorbing nitrogen and discharging oxygen, all at rates such that the bed pressure increases.

Tait Stuart S, Reider Thomas T: Optical fluid lens construction. June 12, 1973: US3738734 (95 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a liquid-filled lens, which incorporates means for causing atmospheric pressure at least partly to counteract the internal pressure arising from the static pressure of the liquid head. This is accomplished generally by lowering the atmospheric equivalent level below the top o ...

Huntzinger Gerald O, Sheldrake Leonard J, Johnson Byron W: Electronic ignition spark advance system. General Motors Corporation, June 12, 1973: US3738339 (86 worldwide citation)

An electronic ignition spark advance system for use with internal combustion engine transistor ignition systems having an ignition coil primary winding switching transistor. A reference pulse, produced a selected number of degrees before the top dead center position of each engine piston, enables an ...

Loos Cornelis Henricus: DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING THE AIR-FUEL RATIO .lambda. IN A COMBUSTION ENGINE. US Philips Corporation, June 12, 1973: US3738341 (80 worldwide citation)

Device for controlling the air-fuel ratio .lambda. of the mixture supplied to a combustion engine, comprising a pick-up sensitive to the carbon monoxide content of a gas mixture and arranged in an exhaust gas duct of the engine and producing a voltage increasing with said content, a member for contr ...