Charles Sperry
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A lipstick container comprising a tubular casing, an elevator positioned and longitudinally movable in the casing, means for longitudinally moving the elevator in the casing, an iris at one end of the tubular casing comprising an annularly folded, flexible and stretchable, thin-walled tube with the ...

Horowitz Alexandre, Beusink Bernard Joseph, Cuypers Martinus Hubertus: Variable speed transmission mechanism. US Philips Corporation, June 5, 1973: US3736803 (181 worldwide citation)

A variable-speed transmission for use between two substantially parallel shafts for permitting continuous drive engagement during continuous speed-variation, and during power-variation of one shaft and corresponding change in operation of the other shaft.

Jones Alan L, Judson George T, Kellogg Robert M, Kruger Victor R: Blood processing control apparatus. International Business Machines Corporation, June 5, 1973: US3737096 (128 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for processing blood, and particularly for washing blood cells, including a centrifuge head in which is arranged a flexible blood container connected by a rotating seal to tubing which permits the entrance and exit of wash liquid and supernatant. The flow of liquid in the tubing is control ...

Turner Loyce A, Rollor Jr Edward A: Versatile telemetering system. Advanced Research Corporation, June 5, 1973: US3737858 (127 worldwide citation)

A telemetering system permits multiple functions to be monitored in response to each interrogation pulse by utilizing multiple sets of reply frequencies to distinguish between simultaneous reply pulses. The status of the various functions is displayed on a color television screen segmented into a gr ...

See Gary G: Optical code reader. Addressagraph Multigraph Corporation, June 5, 1973: US3737629 (106 worldwide citation)

An optical code reader for reading a plurality of code groups on a single pass of a coded member, such as a tab card, rotatable disc or rotatable drum. The code reader includes light transmitting means, such as an array of fiber optic tubes, to illuminate a laterally extending surface area of the co ...

Schmitt Edward Emil, Epstein Martin: Method of attaching surgical needles to multifilament polyglycolic acid absorbable sutures. American Cyanamid Company, June 5, 1973: US3736646 (103 worldwide citation)

Useful surgical elements consist of a sterile synthetic copolymer containing, by mol percent, about 15 to 85 percent glycolic acid and 85 to 15 percent lactic acid, which has enhanced tissue absorption as compared with polylactic acid and enhanced solubility in organic solvents as compared with poly ...

Taylor Glenn N: Balloon catheter with soluble tip. June 5, 1973: US3736939 (97 worldwide citation)

A flexible retention catheter of the balloon inflation type is provided with an auxiliary drainage opening in the wall of the catheter, situated below the inflation balloon, and with an imperforate tip composed of a material which is soluble in body fluids. During insertion, drainage is initiated on ...

Bolduc Lee R: Body tissue electrode and device for screwing the electrode into body tissue. Medtronic, June 5, 1973: US3737579 (90 worldwide citation)

A body implantable electrode comprising a flexible insulated conductor having a proximal end adapted for connection to a power supply and a distal end portion comprising an uninsulated, conductive, rigid helix adapted for attachment to body tissue. Means located and engageable at substantially the d ...

Calkin Edwin Theodore, Hamilton Billy Harold, La Porta Frank Carl: Regulated DC to DC converter with regulated current source driving a nonregulated inverter. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, June 5, 1973: US3737755 (84 worldwide citation)

A regulated DC to DC converter comprises a switching-type regulated current source driving a non-regulated bridge-type inverter. The output signal of the converter is regulated by pulse width modulating the switching device in the switching regulator. The output impedance of the current source is in ...

Basiulis Algerd, Reed Jr Elmer E: Cryogenic heat transfer device. Hughes Aircraft Co, June 5, 1973: US3736936 (82 worldwide citation)

Heat transfer devices especially suitable for cryosurgery are disclosed each including an elongated tubular housing of low thermal conductivity having an open end and a closed end. A conical probe member of high thermal conductivity is mounted at and extends from the closed end of the housing. A cap ...