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Sulfonated polyxylylene oxide membranes are very effective for the separation of water vapor from other gases. Such a gas separation is very selective and may be readily accomplished at atmospheric pressure. Membrane devices for humidifying or drying an air stream are described.

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A medical instrument and associated cartridge for ligating an organic tubular structure, for suturing this structure in two places with a pair of sterilized staples and for dividing the tubular structure intermediate the suturing staples. The instrument is provided with a variable cam so that the li ...

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A data processing system with a central processing unit (CPU), main store (MS), and high speed storage (HSS) interposed between the CPU and store. The CPUhas a high degree of overlap and pipelining. That is, a plurality of instructions are buffered and predecoded through several stages prior to issu ...

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A toy game machine is disclosed which includes a plurality of rotatable display drums each bearing suitable combinations of symbols on its peripheral surface and as many display windows as there are such drums for exposing to view therethrough the symbols which have been concealed during rotation of ...

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A subscriber television system in which the television signal is encoded at the transmitter in a manner that causes the video and/or audio portion of the signal to be received in a scrambled form at the receiver. A decoder at the receiver operates in response to the subscriber's use of a program-sel ...

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A continuous process is provided for separating key components from mixed fluids, for example, separating water vapor from air, wherein a mixed fluid feed including a key component, at a preselected initial relatively high pressure is passed through a single or a series of hollow tube(s), the walls ...

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A harmonic generator produces simulated station signals which are heterodyned in the mixer stage of a receiver. A local oscillator of the receiver is swept through its frequency bandwidth, producing an IF pulse each time the receiver tunes one of the simulated stations. The IF pulses are counted, an ...

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A read-only memory wherein a complete unit thereof is fabricated as a pluggable circuit board, the board being adapted to function with different storage components by supporting the storage components in a removable pluggable fashion, the board proper holding in fixed form those elements and circui ...

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A practice putting surface for indoor and outdoor use by a golfer having a plurality of individual putting sections of identical rectangular configuration, each section having four sides and a base portion with upper and lower surfaces, some with raised and/or depressed surfaces and detachable borde ...

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A duplex electro-ultrasonic medical therapy apparatus comprising a pair of ultrasound generators connected to a common power source and keyed by a duplex keyer circuit, the output of which is connected to a transducer which converts the electrical oscillations into mechanical vibrations for applicat ...