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The invention deals with surgical instrumentation for the removal of generally foreign objects from the eye, including blood clots and the lens of the eye, by inserting a pair of jaws for engaging the object and removing portions thereof as required by movement of the jaws relative to each other.

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A novel remote monitoring system, described in the context of a cable antenna television system, which includes a control monitoring station for interrogating and monitoring various devices in a subscriber's remote site. The interrogation signals are transmitted by means of high frequency FM transmi ...

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An osmotic active agent dispenser is comprised of (1) a first compartment of relatively impervious material containing an active agent and provided with an aperture for releasing said active agent to the exterior of the dispenser; (2) a second compartment of controlled permeability to water containi ...

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Private programming information, e.g., television programs provided for a community antenna television signal distribution system (CATV) to supplement those programs received from local commercial television stations, are encripted by switching the private program signals between predetermined trans ...

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An overload protection system for a switching power supply includes a variable rate and variable pulse duration drive source for operating the switching transistor. Upon turn-on of the power supply, the switching transistor is driven with low repetition rate pulses having a predetermined time durati ...

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As a permanently implantable fixture means for prosthesis and the like in a human body, especially for implanting a dental prosthetic structure, a means composed by at least two parts has been proposed for attaching the prosthetic structure to bone tissue. A first part of the attachment unit is inte ...

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A power train is described which is comprised of a prime mover, two power converters, an epicyclic gear train, an energy storage device and associated control systems. In the preferred embodiment, the prime mover, an internal combustion engine, typically supplies power to the gear train which apport ...

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Tubular netting is telescoped axially for storage purposes on a vertical hollow mandrel and is withdrawn from the lower end of this as needed in forming and filling bags. The method employs a label-bearing closure strip made of sheet plastic weakened transversely at intervals to facilitate its being ...

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Antenna coupling circuit for duplex radio transmission and reception by use of a common antenna (duplexer), including plurality of helical resonator sections provided within conductive enclosures in a conductive housing. A helical winding is provided in each enclosure having one end connected to the ...

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An automatic vacuum restraint apparatus to restrain the passengers of a vehicle wherein sensors are employed around the periphery of the vehicle structure to be capable of denoting an unstable condition, the sensors effecting actuation of the vacuum system within the vehicle to draw a vacuum between ...