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An instructional television system is provided for making available non-print learning materials upon request. The instructional system includes a central library store for storage of programs of learning materials. Learning materials are selectively transmitted via a TV transmitter link after being ...

Wilder Joseph R, Kanbar Maurice S: Disposable surgical retractors. April 24, 1973: US3729006 (93 worldwide citation)

A hand-held surgical retractor fabricated of resilient plastic material, the retractor being light-weight, glare-free and functionally superior to existing metallic instruments. The retractor includes a non-skid blade whose inner surface is slightly concave, the blade having an array of circular ape ...

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A liquid dispenser having a liquid containment barrel with a slidable dispensing-effecting and sealing plunger, the plunger having a self-sealing slit formed therein to enable filling therethrough of the dispenser barrel, the slit being formed at the bottom forwardly facing end of a threaded handle- ...

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A curvilinear electrode suitable for being curved-over and supported by a moving atrium wall of a patient's heart. The electrode includes at least one long, thin, flexible electrical conductor encapsulated by an electrically insulating flexible catheter sleeve. The electrode has a sufficient resilie ...

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A full length stocking of knitted fabric including an elastomer-containing yarn which exerts a compressive effect on that portion of the leg covered by the stocking boot. In contrast to a typical stocking of this type which has an attached garter band of elastic webbing encircling the upper thigh, a ...

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An information storage and retrieval apparatus, using a magnetic disc and a scratch-pad memory which has the capability of storing and retrieving words of variable length, which scratch-pad memory utilizes link bits so as to link together lines in the scratch-pad memory to make longer words or phras ...

Averill Robert G, Khowaylo Alex: Knee or elbow prosthesis. Howmedica, April 24, 1973: US3728742 (69 worldwide citation)

A total knee or elbow joint prosthesis having opposing condyle and plateau replacing members for attachment respectively to the upper and lower arm or leg bones, the members having respectively convex and concave spherical mating surfaces.

Cannon Robert B: Bottom discharge bin and dust tight unloading station therefor. April 24, 1973: US3729121 (66 worldwide citation)

A bottom discharge material storage and handling apparatus having a discharge station adapter and transportable bins. The bins are containers each having an opening in a top and two discharge doors mounted on an inverted V-shaped bottom. A cam locking assembly is associated with each of the discharg ...

Werner George S: Travelling drill bit. Werner, April 24, 1973: US3729057 (64 worldwide citation)

Drill bit and drill collar assemblies for use with a drill string which assemblies can be moved up and down the drill string without the need of removing the drill string from the well hole. The drill collar assembly also is shaped, and includes elements, which together serve to prevent excessive la ...

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In the operation of a burner using gaseous fuel the production of nitrogen oxides is limited and controlled by providing successive stages of combustion and by holding down the temperature of combustion. This is accomplished by introducing the fuel in two streams of unequal volume and comprising res ...