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A fast adder for adding more than three words, the correspondingly weighted bits of which are applied to respective bit column adders. The column adders simultaneously produce respective sum and carry result bits of overlapping positional significance or weight. The maximum number of result bits hav ...

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A television telephone system, wherein frequency-modulation with a low modulation index is effected by using a carrier wave of a slightly higher frequency than the maximum frequency of a video signal, and the video signal thus modulated is transmitted through a transmission line. With such system, a ...

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A memory system is disclosed for use in a multiprocessing environment where each processor has associated with it a buffer memory and means are provided for one buffer to retain a modified copy of data. The contents of the buffer memory may be accessed by either real or logical addresses. Address tr ...

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A multiple transmission system of one or more information signals on a color television signal, wherein at least one information signal, such as a voice signal, is sampled and coded to form a coded digital signal representing the information signal. The coded digital signal consists of pulses having ...

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Aerosol propellants and refrigerants based on trifluoropropene (CF.sub.3 CH=CH.sub.2) are disclosed.

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The present invention relates to a method of constructing an expansion gap between two structural members such as concrete slabs in roads or on bridges. First the concrete slabs are formed with a gap between two adjacent slabs whereupon a surface layer is applied to the slabs to cover the slabs as w ...

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A rangefinding assembly, which comprises a transmitter having emitting means for emitting short waves. A receiver is mounted in fixed relation with respect to the transmitter, which receiver is adapted to receive short waves emitted by the transmitter and reflected by an object. An image forming sys ...

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A toothbrush comprising a generally planar head portion having a plurality of bristles forming a concave surface. Some of the bristles are generally perpendicular to said head portion and some are laterally inclined outwardly. This bristle configuration removes food debris, plaque and bacteria ledge ...

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The method and machine is for forming large round bales about 7 feet in diameter, 6 feet long and weighing about a ton and a half. The machine has a portable frame provided with pickup device for gathering and delivering windrowed material on to a horizontal rearwardly moving belt conveyor. Cooperat ...

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A shower head assembly having an upper and lower portion, wherein the upper portion has a diverter valve mechanism slidably mounted therein, and the lower portion of the assembly is in threaded contact with the upper portion and moveable with respect thereto, thereby altering the exit apertures of t ...