Beierlein Reiner: Handle for high frequency electrodes. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, March 13, 1973: US3720896 (277 worldwide citation)

A handle for high frequency electrodes, particularly for use in high frequency surgery has built-in switches for operating a high frequency generator so as to change its outgoing energy, frequency etc. The device is particularly characterized in that contact elements depending from a magnetic field ...

Christensen Poul Sondergaard: Floor structure. Bruun & Sorensen, March 13, 1973: US3720027 (234 worldwide citation)

A floor structure for covering an ice rink and comprising elements adapted to be joined together by means of a key and tongue, characterized in that it comprises elements each of which has a wooden core and is covered on all sides by a vapor-tight material, preferably plastics.

Schrock James Douglas: Composite tubing. Samuel Moore & Company, March 13, 1973: US3720235 (206 worldwide citation)

A tube adapted to convey fluids under pressure and to be distorted without kinking and blocking of fluid flow therethrough has a resinous core tubing provided with internal longitudinal ribs. The tube is provided with a fibrous reinforcing member disposed about the core tube and an outer sheath if i ...

Chatterji Arun K, Custozzo Marianne, Kiriazides Demosthenes K, Russell Jr John J, Serio John P: An electrostatic developer containing modified silicon dioxide particles. Xerox Corporation, March 13, 1973: US3720617 (141 worldwide citation)

A developer material comprising colored toner particles having a particle size less than about 30 microns and a minor proportion of submicroscopic silicon dioxide additive particles having at least a portion of the silicon atoms on the outside surface of the silicon dioxide particles directly attach ...

Steitz Richard Ralph: Method of joining solder balls to solder bumps. RCA Corporation, March 13, 1973: US3719981 (137 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor wafer is provided with a plurality of semiconductor device flip chips in regular array, each of the devices having a plurality of solder bumps regularly spaced a certain distance apart. An array of solder balls is formed on the tacky surface of a piece of pressure-sensitive tape, the ...

Rishton Michael L, Federico Armando: Safety connector for balloon pump. Avco Corporation, March 13, 1973: US3720199 (118 worldwide citation)

An intra aortic balloon catheter assembly for use in a circulatory assist system which includes a special connector for joining a balloon implanted in the patient to a control console which may house both pneumatic and electronic controls. The connector is adapted to provide a signal which indicates ...

Rosfelder Andre M: Manipulator apparatus for gripping submerged objects. March 13, 1973: US3720433 (101 worldwide citation)

A resilient, plate-like body member is secured to an articulated manipulator frame in position to be moved by the frame into a pressurized, gripping contact with the object to be manipulated. The body member carries a plurality of closely spaced suction cups which directly engage and grip the object ...

Davies Stuart Duncan, Chilman John Alfred: Fans. Dowty Rotol, March 13, 1973: US3720060 (85 worldwide citation)

A fan assembly for attachment to the front of a main gas turbine engine assembly to provide an engine of the ducted-fan by-pass type is constructed as a unitary assembly which can be fitted and removed as such. The assembly comprises a non-rotative portion including a main body and a by-pass duct, a ...

Cypher David T: Compartmented trash receptacle. March 13, 1973: US3720346 (76 worldwide citation)

A compartmented trash receptacle for segregating different types of trash, such as paper, cans, glass, and so forth. The receptacle has a container with inner partitions which define separate trash compartments for the different trash materials and are adjustable to vary the sizes of the compartment ...

Munroe Thomas: Molded pallet. March 13, 1973: US3720176 (76 worldwide citation)

Resin impregnated wood fibrous material is molded to form a rectangular deck member and a set of separate elongated hollow leg members. The deck member has a generally uniform wall thickness and defines parallel spaced downwardly projecting reinforcing ribs, and the side walls of each of the leg mem ...