Lightner Robert W: Vending system for remotely accessible stored information. February 27, 1973: US3718906 (139 worldwide citation)

A vending system includes a central station at which various information stored on master recordings can be selectively accessed by purchasers from any of multiple remote vending machines, the accessed information being reproduced on cartridge-type storage media at that vending machine. The cartridg ...

Fischer Wilfried, Rohr Franz Josef: Fuel cell system for reacting hydrocarbons. Aktiengesellschaft Brown Boveri & Cie, February 27, 1973: US3718506 (89 worldwide citation)

A fuel cell system of the high temperature type includes one or more fuel cells operating with an electrolyte such as an oxygen ion conductive solid or a carbonate melt to which fresh reaction gases containing hydrocarbon fuel and oxygen respectively are fed after preheating in heat exchangers. The ...

Landingham Richard L: Method for forming metal-filled ceramics of near theoretical density. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, February 27, 1973: US3718441 (70 worldwide citation)

A method for forming metal-filled ceramics of near theoretical density coising the positioning of a ceramic compact in a vacuum chamber together with a quantity of the filler metal. The chamber is heated above the melting point of the metal and evacuated to a vacuum pressure of less than 10.sup.-.su ...

Downs Martin L, Schmitt Milton G: Composite board and method of manufacture. Thilmany Pulp & Paper Company, February 27, 1973: US3718536 (69 worldwide citation)

A composite board formed from a mass of shredded paper containing thermoplastic material.

Mosher Fred D: Cardiac valve replacement. Techno Corporation, February 27, 1973: US3717883 (68 worldwide citation)

A valve suitable for cardiac surgery to replace a diseased valve. The valve is made of a molded material which will be compatible with the human body. The valve has a generally hemispherical shape with annular grooves around its base. Rings are disposed in the grooves which merge with the base to de ...

Klein Lee F: Snap ring coupling. General Motors Corporation, February 27, 1973: US3718350 (66 worldwide citation)

A quick connect, snap ring coupling for conduits for fluids under pressure embodies a socket and plug which is inserted into the socket and which is in sealing relation with the socket when fully inserted therein. The plug carries a split retaining ring which is engagable in spaced apart annular sho ...

Lipoma Samuel P: Apparatus for continuous electromagnetic sterilization. February 27, 1973: US3718082 (65 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for sterilizing food in a continuous process with the aid of electromagnetic energy. A conveyor conducts food into and out from a pressure vessel that encloses and pressurizes an electromagnetic sterilizing tunnel and a cooling means, through both of which the conveyor conducts ...

Hamano Hisashi: Method for making hook fabric material for fasteners. International Knitlok Corporation, February 27, 1973: US3718725 (59 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed including the use of heat and chemicals for converting loops upstanding from a base fabric into hook members suitable for use in hook and loop fasteners.

Schade Frank Stanley: Arched ring-wire post binder. February 27, 1973: US3718402 (58 worldwide citation)

An arch-type ring binder with cover members and hinged thereto an assembly of hingedly connected back panel sections comprising opposed side panel sections and a connecting panel section, an arched split ring loose leaf toggle mechanism fixed on one side panel and means on one of said other back pan ...

Williams Donald E: Clearing attachment for planter shoes. Acra Plant, February 27, 1973: US3718191 (57 worldwide citation)

A circular, concavo-convex plate having a sharp, outer edge is attached to a seeder, planter, drill or other seeding implement and rotates in a plane oblique to the course of travel of the implement when the plate engages extraneous surface trash material on the field, whereby the material is shaved ...

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