Ham Jack Wesley, Poplin John Milton: Alignment and test fixture apparatus. January 30, 1973: US3714572 (102 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a fixture for automatically testing circuit boards. The fixture utilizes a plurality of pneumatic cylinders, each of which is selectively activated by a suitable air valve under the control of a sequencing mechanism. The fixture tests a circuit board inserted therein without intro ...

Hayes William A: Single sideband am-fm modulation system. January 30, 1973: US3714577 (92 worldwide citation)

A sub-carrier signal is amplitude modulated. This sub-carrier AM modulated signal is then used to frequency modulate a radio frequency carrier. The radio frequency is then multiplied. One sideband in the modulated radio frequency signal is passed through a bandpass filter and then transmitted.

Adair Edwin Lloyd: Suprapubic shunt. January 30, 1973: US3713447 (86 worldwide citation)

Retention catheter of the expandable wing type, of particular utility as a suprapubic shunt, adapted to be inserted into the bladder through an incision in the lower abdominal wall, characterized by:a. a trochar tube having a slidable stylet therein with a pointed inner or distal end for facilitatin ...

Grossman Burton C: Spread-spectrum position monitoring system. Hazeltine Corporation, January 30, 1973: US3714573 (78 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are systems capable of monitoring the positions of vehicles even under the multipath transmission conditions as may exist in a city. In one such system each vehicle contains apparatus which, without being interrogated, repetitively transmits a uniquely coded spread-spectrum identification ...

Fuller Roger L, Gustafsson Sven G, Harris Derek V, Kaye Robert K, Oliver Joseph J: Vehicle command and control system. Raytheon Company, January 30, 1973: US3714650 (75 worldwide citation)

A dual frequency ranging and communication system for communicating with and locating mobile vehicles in a multipath environment such as an urban center. This system functions in urban areas for both communication and ranging where line of sight radiation techniques may not properly function. A plur ...

Fleischer Robert L, Price Paul B, Bostick Edgar E, Holub Fred F: Geometry control of etched nuclear particle tracks. General Electric Company, January 30, 1973: US3713921 (74 worldwide citation)

A process for making holes of reduced taper in a solid containing tracks of radiation damaged material by contacting the solid with an etchant containing a surfactant. The product is useful as a filter.

Sparr Sr Anders V: Udder and teat cleansing apparatus and sanitizer. January 30, 1973: US3713423 (73 worldwide citation)

An udder and teat washing and cleansing apparatus characterized by a teat cup dimensioned to receive and wholly enclose each selected teat. When the cup is positioned the beaded mouth thereof accommodates the teat and encompassing udder with requisite nicety for sanitizing, that is, preparatory to t ...

Chaffers John W: Container with means for locking the lid. Weyerhaeuser Company, January 30, 1973: US3713579 (70 worldwide citation)

A container having means for easily locking and unlocking the lid of the container. The lid sits on a ledge of the container body. A side wall of the container body extends above the lid and has a relief which extends above the lid also. A locking tab on the lid extends upwardly into the aperture an ...

Pagano Samuel J: Knot-typing device for barrel knots. January 30, 1973: US3713680 (68 worldwide citation)

A knot-tying device for use in tying a true barrel knot between lines, the device having four resiliently releasable retaining means located on a block, two of the means being located for holding the lines in place during wrapping and threading of the lines and the other two of the means being locat ...

Sharpe Cecil H: Liquid fuel spray nozzles with air atomization. General Motors Corporation, January 30, 1973: US3713588 (63 worldwide citation)

Fuel spray nozzles particularly suited for gas turbine combustion apparatus have inner and outer walls providing between them an annular passage for combustion air into the combustion chamber. Swirl vanes in the passage cause the air to take on a substantial tangential velocity so that it is dischar ...