Schottler Henry: Variable speed transmission. Roller Gear Zug, January 2, 1973: US3707888 (213 worldwide citation)

A variable speed transmission for transmitting torque to an output shaft at a substantially constant selected speed. Driving balls arranged in constant rolling frictional contact with pairs of inner and outer concentric and axially separable ball races. One pair of races is associated with an input ...

Crowley Richard P: Hollow fiber membrane device and method of fabricating same. Abcor, January 2, 1973: US3708071 (93 worldwide citation)

A method for preparing one or more terminal headers containing capillary fibers encased therein for use in a membrane device. The ends or a loop portion of a plurality of capillary fibers are immersed in a foam material. The foam material sets, encasing the capillaries therein forming a header. The ...

Stern David: Rear-view mirror with reflective inclined prism surfaces. Combined Optical, January 2, 1973: US3708222 (86 worldwide citation)

A rear-view mirror for a vehicle, such as an automobile, which is made of plastics material and is a Fresnel mirror. The mirror comprises a multiplicity of concentric annular prisms formed on one surface of a plastics sheet, there being generally from 50 to 200 prisms per inch. The mirror can be mad ...

Villari Frank K, Patel Bhupendra C: Irrigation connector with shut-off valve. The Kendall Company, January 2, 1973: US3707972 (82 worldwide citation)

An irrigation connector for a liquid drainage system including, a flexible body member having a longitudinal main channel which communicates with a drainage tube through one end of the body member and with a catheter through the other end. The body member includes a side arm having a channel which o ...

Forlini Matthew, Lowell Francis C, Saxe Robert L: Light valve with flowing fluid suspension. Research Frontiers, January 2, 1973: US3708219 (80 worldwide citation)

A light valve having a cell containing a fluid suspension of minute particles dispersed therein capable of orientation by an electric or magnetic field to change the transmission of light through the suspension, and means for applying such a field thereto, includes circulating means for producing a ...

Hildenbrand Walter W, Levine Wilbur J, Manning Stanley A, Stroms Karl F: Ink distribution for non-impact printing recorder. International Business Machines Corporation, January 2, 1973: US3708798 (77 worldwide citation)

A collapsible ink bag supplies ink at constant pressure through a manifold containing an air bubble trap, capable of venting, which manifold is connected in common to plural lines to a multiple orifice -- multiple transducer fluid wave printing head of a recorder. Constant static pressure in the ink ...

Slider Gordon R: Basketball practice glove. January 2, 1973: US3707730 (77 worldwide citation)

A glove, to be worn while practicing basketball, having palm, back, and wrist portions, and open thumb and finger portions. The palm portion includes a pad, which spaces the wearer's palm from the ball, and the back portion includes a longitudinally extending stay, which limits bending movement of t ...

Kitrilakis Sotiris, Robinson Thomas Charles: Steady flow regenerative peritoneal dialysis system and method. Tecna Corporation, January 2, 1973: US3707967 (76 worldwide citation)

A steady-flow regenerative peritoneal dialysis system and method making use of permanent percutaneous tubes extending into the abdominal cavity and means for circulating a dialysate through the abdominal cavity and reconstituting the dialysate.

Rango Joseph Frederick: Golf putter. January 2, 1973: US3708172 (71 worldwide citation)

A golf putter has a generally vertically extending hole of circular cross section extending entirely through the head between the top wall and bottom wall. The hole splits a sighting mark on the top surface of the putter head into forward and rearward segments and divides the head into substantially ...

Walters Glenn A: Precision angle measuring device. January 2, 1973: US3708231 (69 worldwide citation)

A device for the precision measuring of angular movements. The device incorporates an optical lever utilizing a predetermined number of reflections to increase the displacement of a light beam to be read out by discrete sensors. Ambiguities resulting from the amplification of displacement are resolv ...