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A dielectric waveguide for millimetric wavelengths comprising a core of polymer material supported by a body of foamed polymeric material and enclosed in a protective jacket.

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An air blast fuel atomizer for establishing a highly atomized fuel dispersion at the confluence of two counter-rotating air swirls, wherein a uniform concentration of fuel is disposed on a circumferential shroud and directed to the atomization forces at the lip of the shroud.

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A coaxial cable system for television communications or the like comprises an arrangement for sending a control signal selectively on the audio sub-carrier of each of a number of television channels. Receivers connected to the cable have circuitry for detecting the presence of the control signal whe ...

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Oral hygiene apparatus of the variable pressure pulsed liquid jet type that includes a hand-held unit and a liquid reservoir which may be separate or incorporated in the hand-held unit. The unit contains an electric motor, electrical energy supply means, a pulsating pump and a pressure regulator tha ...

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Method and apparatus for sensing human readable intelligence bearing indicia on documents with high resolution, by generating primary signals representatives of said indicia with translation thereof into simplified bar code, printing the simplified code on the document itself, preferably during cont ...

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Infrared intrusion detector system utilizing a single sensing element and optical means for focusing radiation from one or more discrete fields of view onto the sensing element. An amplifier tuned to have a frequency response corresponding to the walking speed of an intruder amplifies the signal fro ...

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A combination slit lamp and laser photocoagulator for treating eye disorders in which the laser is coupled to the slit lamp through an articulated arm. The slit lamp optics are arranged such that the laser beam is always in focus at the focus of the slit lamp and one lens in the laser optics is mova ...

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A remote alarm system for transmitting an alarm signal to a remote receiver when unauthorized access to a given installation is attempted. A remote portable radio transceiver is capable of receiving signals through the atmosphere from and transmitting signals through the atmosphere to a stationary r ...

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An integrated circuit comprising several transistors on a chip is maintained at a constant temperature by utilizing certain of the transistors as heating elements and other transistors as temperature sensors in a closed loop feedback network. The remaining transistors--not thus utilized for temperat ...

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The disclosure shows two gas turbine engines particularly suited to propulsion of V/STOL aircraft. The engines are characterized by a short axial length relative to diameter which is attributable to several features. These features include, singly and in combination, a toroidal combustion chamber ha ...