Fishbein Meyer: Surgical expansive reamer for hip socket. November 14, 1972: US3702611 (129 worldwide citation)

An expanding reamer is provided for surgical reaming of the acetabulum in hip surgery. The reamer includes a head with a convex end adapted to seat in a previously prepared concavity in the central part of the acetabulum. This head pivotally mounts a set of radially expansive blades. It is telescopi ...

Carey Lewis S, Mansour George L: Mobile fluoroscopic unit for bedside catheter placement. Litton Medical Products, November 14, 1972: US3702935 (117 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a mobile fluoroscopic unit in the form of a four wheeled cart for facilitating bedside catheter placement. The unit is equipped with integrated X-ray and television viewing apparatus which permits the visualization and accurate positioning of vascular catheters.

Haney Ralph D, Zachar James E, Drozd Charles J: Digital processor. The National Cash Register Company, November 14, 1972: US3702988 (64 worldwide citation)

A digital processor built entirely of metal-oxide semiconductor devices constructed on integrated circuits by large-scale integration techniques is shown. The processor includes a read-only memory means which provides a series of coded instruction signals in a serial-by-bit manner to a memory buss l ...

Balamuth Lewis: Ultrasonic motors and scissors. Ultrasonic Systems, November 14, 1972: US3702948 (63 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic motor construction wherein the compressional wave mechanical energy is transmitted through a transmission member into flexural vibrational wave energy to a working tip or surface removed a distance from the transducer associated therewith. Various forms of ultrasonic motor construction ...

Tibbs Robert C: Painless injection device with powered plunger. November 14, 1972: US3702608 (61 worldwide citation)

An injecting device for a hypodermic syringe including, in a first form of the invention disclosed, structure for supporting a syringe and projecting the needle of the syringe into a skin tissue area against which a predetermined portion of the device has been placed. Structure is also provided for ...

Gradisar Ivan A: Partial weight bear warning device. November 14, 1972: US3702999 (60 worldwide citation)

A device for warning a patient when he exceeds a predetermined amount of weight on his foot during locomotion comprising two force-sensitive electrical contactors disposed one each in predetermined positions beneath the heel and ball of the foot. The contactors are secured in a thin pad shaped to co ...

Rice Edwin Eugene, Franklin Charles Henry: Method for the removal of unwanted portions of an article by spraying with high velocity dry ice particles. Chemotronics International, November 14, 1972: US3702519 (54 worldwide citation)

A method for the removal of unwanted portions of an article such as membranes, burrs and flashing utilizing solid particles of dry ice (carbon dioxide at a temperature colder than about -56.degree.C) which are impacted against the unwanted portions is described. Kinetic energy imparted to the dry ic ...

Steiner Maurice: Hypodermic syringes, in particular self-injecting syringes. November 14, 1972: US3702609 (53 worldwide citation)

A hypodermic syringe having a body, an ampoule slidably mounted in said body and containing a liquid to be injected and having a front wall and rear inlet orifice. A needle is slidably carried by said ampoule and has a rear part adapted to pierce said front wall. A closure member for the inlet orifi ...

Nemeth Bela J: Cermet product and method and apparatus for the manufacture thereof. Kennametal, November 14, 1972: US3702573 (50 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a cermet product and a method and apparatus for the manufacture thereof in which carbonaceous material is placed in a cell in the presence of metal and converted to diamond form. The converted charge upon removal from the apparatus is shaped and mounted on a tool holder and ...

Daugherty Jack D, Douglas Hamilton Diarmaid H, Patrick Richard M, Pugh Evan R: Laser or ozone generator in which a broad electron beam with a sustainer field produce a large area, uniform discharge. Avco Corporation, November 14, 1972: US3702973 (49 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for and a method of producing controlled discharges substantially throughout a large volume of a gaseous medium by generating in an enclosure a controlled density of free electrons in the medium and controlling the electron temperature of the free electrons to a level preventing a substant ...