Blose John B: Communications system for electric power utility. November 7, 1972: US3702460 (142 worldwide citation)

An electric power utility communication system is disclosed comprising a plurality of geographically distributed group control units and groups of terminal processor units, with each such terminal processor unit within a group coupled to a respective group control unit through the neutral conductor ...

Castrucci Paul P: Information card. International Business Machines Corporation, November 7, 1972: US3702464 (130 worldwide citation)

An information card for credit and accounting system having a monolithic or solid state memory for storage of information responsive to computer controlled systems.

Nathanson Fred E, White David M: Digital programmed transmitter. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, November 7, 1972: US3702476 (96 worldwide citation)

4. A radar transmitter for providing a coded pulse transmission comprising,A signal generator providing a plurality of pulses,Means for producing a pseudo-random code,Counting means connecting to said code means or providing control signals ich are spaced in accordance with the code generated by sai ...

Moore George G: Selective calling system providing an increased number of calling codes or auxiliary information transfer. Motorola, November 7, 1972: US3702440 (84 worldwide citation)

The selective calling system includes a transmitter having first and second signal generators providing sinusoidal and rectangular signals which are combined to form a modulated calling signal. Each receiver of the system includes a first demodulator which demodulates the modulated calling signal an ...

Archer Alva I: Discretionary interconnection process. Honeywell, November 7, 1972: US3702025 (63 worldwide citation)

A process wherein numerous identical or similar cells are formed into a continuous chain of such cells on a single semiconductor wafer is shown. The cells are cataloged as either good or bad cells and then a layer of dielectric followed by a pattern of conductors is deposited over all of the cells. ...

Wharton Thomas P: Molded pallet. Menasha Corporation, November 7, 1972: US3702100 (62 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to lightweight, nestable, reusable, molded plastic pallets used for support and transport of articles stacked thereon. The pallet has a generally corrugated structure, the transverse cross-sectional contour of the corrugations being trapezoidal in shape. The corrugations in the ...

Dolcimascolo Charles, Hoffman Daniel S, Jones Hugh L, Mercik James E: Bias roll transfer. Xerox Corporation, November 7, 1972: US3702482 (55 worldwide citation)

A biasable transfer member is herein disclosed suitable for use in transferring xerographic images from a photoconductor to a final support sheet. The member is adapted to electrically cooperate with the photoconductor to establish a directional force field therebetween capable of attracting toner f ...

Jacobs Earl D: Accelerometer. Sundstrand Data Control, November 7, 1972: US3702073 (54 worldwide citation)

An accelerometer is provided for detecting acceleration which employs a flapper ring clamped at raised points between upper and lower portions of a magnet structure. The flapper is suspended by a bifilar hinge on the ring between two permanent magnets. Coils are mounted on opposite sides of the flap ...

England Alfred W: Computer input-output system. Delaware SDS, November 7, 1972: US3702462 (54 worldwide citation)

A computer system for digital computers is disclosed in which peripheral devices cooperate with 'hardware' input-output processors (IOP) independent from the central processor (CPU) of the computer for handling the transfer of data between peripheral devices and memory which is also accessible to th ...

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Electronic apparatus for measuring temperatures by means of a thermistor in one arm of a Wheatstone bridge, bridge balance being accomplished by a plurality of shunt resistances selectively inserted into the balancing arm of the bridge by counter controlled switching, the counter state being altered ...