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An angiographic injector control system for delivering a controlled volume of injection fluid is described. The injector has a motor driven piston for ejecting fluid from a syringe cartridge contained within a pressure jacket. The drive motor is operated in accordance with a command voltage correspo ...

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A filter element is provided for use in the filtration of blood such as in cardiopulmonary bypass techniques in open heart surgery, comprising a woven square weave mesh of polyester monofilaments having a pore size within the range from about 25 to about 50 microns.

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In one exemplar embodiment, an electrical circuit for deriving an electrical signal representative of the square of the supercompressibility factor of natural gas by providing means for measuring the static pressure of the gas, multiplying the static pressure measurement by predetermined functions o ...

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A light reflector for a light source having flat sided reflecting surfaces, the corners also being reflecting surfaces, each corner having its smallest dimension in the plane of the reflector opening and gradually widening toward the base of the reflector along lines permitting primary reflections e ...

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A body to be stabilized, such as an aircraft pilot seat includes means, such as an accelerometer, for providing an acceleration signal representative of the acceleration of the body. This acceleration signal is used to control the action of a servovalve-controlled hydraulic actuator, to reduce the f ...

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A bi-valved cast for immobilizing broken limbs in which complementary rigid shells, each having an inflatable liner, are releasably secured together about the limb or other body portion to be immobilized, so that upon pressurizing the liners, the limb or other body portion will be immobilized. A sig ...

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A combination of rolling ground contacting tools for preparing a seed bed, fertilizing, dropping seed and covering and forming the soil about the seed under existing conditions without previous soil preparation.

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Ribbed cutting inserts providing scalloped cutting edges are spaced angularly around the periphery of a supporting disk and are staggered relative to one another along the axis of the disk to remove laterally spaced chips from the bottom of the slot while the sides of the slot are face milled by sid ...

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An inflatable body support having sequentially expandable first and second banks of cells which comprise transversely extending fingers. Each of the finger cells have substantially the same effective diameter with a center to center distance, between a cell from the first bank and a cell from the se ...

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A control system for controlling registration in a multi-color web-fed printing press system senses register marks which are printed on the web. Any circumferential registration error which is detected by sensors that sense the register marks is translated into a count in a circumferential counter w ...