Kelman Charles: Surgical handpiece and flow control system for use therewith. Cavitron Corporation, September 26, 1972: US3693613 (270 worldwide citation)

A flow control system is used in conjunction with a surgical handpiece for the removal of unwanted material in a very small enclosed operative site in which it is very critical to maintain a pressure within a certain range, such as in the surgical operation of the removal of a cataract lens from the ...

Harte Richard A, Amstutz Edwin A: Photocoagulation means and method for depilation. Gregory System, September 26, 1972: US3693623 (166 worldwide citation)

Depilation is effected by use of light energy of a selected frequency band concentrated into a flexible fiber small enough to enter the region of the follicle. This effects photocoagulation tissue in a limited region determined by the placement of the fiber.

Foxen Benjamin F: Block molding apparatus. September 26, 1972: US3694128 (153 worldwide citation)

The side form panels of a concrete block mold, pivot outwardly to downwardly eject a molded block under the force of a pressure head within an automatic block molding machine. The mold frame while supported on a pallet, is vibrated and the concrete is compacted by the pressure head.

Wallo William H: Electrical terminal clamp. Wall Able Manufacturing Corporation, September 26, 1972: US3694792 (125 worldwide citation)

An electrical terminal clamp has opposed clamping members at least one of which is electrically conductive and between which is adapted to be received an electrical wire covered with pliable insulation, the electrically conductive member having thereon a rigid contact ridge across which the insulate ...

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A reproducible shot hole for geophysical use wherein a deformable metal liner, such as aluminum, of predetermined diameter, wall thickness, and alloy is selected, and the annulus between the liner and the hole filled with sand-cement under pressure, so that the lined hole will withstand repeated exp ...

Gueguen Michel M F: Support for antenna device. September 26, 1972: US3693922 (91 worldwide citation)

A support comprising a triangular frame pivotally mounted on a tower for supporting an antenna or reflector and means for locking said frame in an adjusted position.

Roaf Robert, Wright John Thomas Matthew: Device for correcting scoliotic curves. September 26, 1972: US3693616 (85 worldwide citation)

An implantable spinal stabilizing device, developed initially for correcting and maintaining the correction of scoliotic curves, but also useful for fixing spinal fractures and dislocations, involves a pair of spaced parallel rigid bars, each bar having a succession of apertures. The bars are locate ...

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A method for producing optical elements with aspherical surfaces with a pneumatic device for deforming the plates to be formed into optical elements. The plates are deformed by reducing the pressure in a central chamber independently of the reduction of pressure in one or more concentric annular cha ...

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A steel beverage or beer can of the seamless type having a unitary body including seamless side walls and an integral bottom with an end double seamed to the top of the side walls. The bottom comprises an outer frustoconical surface extending downwardly and inwardly from the side walls, an annular b ...

Mullen James F: Mechanical hand. September 26, 1972: US3694021 (74 worldwide citation)

This disclosure is directed to a mechanical hand constructed to simulate the articulated movements of a human hand. The mechanical hand comprises a base member simulating the palm portion of a human hand with a plurality of finger digits and a thumb digit articulated to the base portion. Each finger ...