Glover Cecil C: Golf club having integrally formed face and sole plate with weight means. September 19, 1972: US3692306 (221 worldwide citation)

A golf club whose head is provided with a bracket having sole and face plates formed integral with each other and positioned against respective bottom sole and front face surfaces of the head, and wherein one or the other of the plates carries at least one inwardly projecting elongate tube which is ...

Astafiev Georgy Vasilievich, Korolkov Ivan Alexandrovich, Ozhgikhin Anatoly Nikolaevich: Surgical apparatus for suturing tissue with staples. September 19, 1972: US3692224 (176 worldwide citation)

A surgical apparatus for suturing tissues with staples, comprising a support housing having an open longitudinal cavity wherein slidable rods of the staple housing and pusher are accommodated. The staple housing has a head provided with a socket in which a magazine with staples is entirely inserted. ...

Kinley John C: Method of expanding a liner. September 19, 1972: US3691624 (172 worldwide citation)

A device and method for expanding a tubing liner having a preformed reverse bend by pulling the metal of the liner outwardly to expand the reverse bend and bring the liner into a substantially cylindrical shape inside of a well tubing or other pipe.

Adair Edwin Lloyd: Retention catheter and suprapubic shunt. September 19, 1972: US3692029 (147 worldwide citation)

Retention catheter or suprapubic shunt of the expandable wing type characterized by a retainer comprising a sleeve affixed to a trochar tube, a second sleeve axially slidable on the tube, the wings extending between the sleeves, the slidable sleeve having spokes extending through longitudinal slots ...

Ellinwood Jr Everett H: Implanted medication dispensing device and method. September 19, 1972: US3692027 (135 worldwide citation)

A self-micro-powered implanted device contains a store of medicine in powdered, liquid or other dispensable form and which is gradually discharged incrementally over a substantially long period of time.

Von Behren Robert A: Belt driven tape cartridge. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, September 19, 1972: US3692255 (121 worldwide citation)

A two-reel tape cartridge in which a flexible belt having a coefficient of elasticity in the range from 0.01 to 0.25 m./nt.m. and a pretension of at least 1.6 nt. extends around guide rollers adjacent the reels and a driving roller between the reels and contacts the tape on the reel hubs. Rotation o ...

Gabriel Ralph Parton: Wired broadcasting systems. Communications Patents, September 19, 1972: US3693090 (120 worldwide citation)

A wired broadcasting system for television transmission from a plurality of sources to individual subscriber stations has switching apparatus at a central station actuated by signals at the subscriber station. A four wire cable arrangement to each subscriber provides two control wires and two signal ...

Ewing Dean E: Digital splint. September 19, 1972: US3692022 (91 worldwide citation)

A digital splint adapted for use with a finger of a human wearer. The splint includes a generally cylindrical, substantially rigid hollow member in which the finger is inserted, and at least one spring clip member which engages the finger through a pair of mutually opposed slots in the hollow member ...

Greenberg Samuel: Mouthguard with lip protector. September 19, 1972: US3692025 (85 worldwide citation)

A plastic guard of general U-shape and channel cross-section for insertion in the mouth to receive a set of teeth including a strap extending from the outer lower anterior portion of the guard and a protector for the lips and the surrounding facial areas slidable on the strap and frictionally retain ...

Nelson Norman A, VandenBerg Gary E: Method of reducing hypercholesteremia in humans employing a copolymer of polyethylenepolyamine and a bifunctional substance, such as epichlorohydria. September 19, 1972: US3692895 (82 worldwide citation)

Compositions and processes are provided for lowering hypercholesteremia in mammals and birds. Oral administration to affected mammals and birds supplies an effective amount of a cholesterol-lowering substance. The cholesterol-lowering substance is a nontoxic cross-linked copolymer of a polyethylenep ...