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A television camera is mounted on a support in a motor vehicle. The support is designed to permit the camera to have vertical movement, horizontal movement, rotary movement, tilting movement, and lateral movement across the width of the vehicle. A viewing system is mounted in the cab of the vehicle ...

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A needleless hypodermic device including a body carrying a compressed-gas cartridge in one end and an ampul of fluid to be injected at the opposite end, the ampul having a nozzle portion projecting beyond the body and provided with an aperture of predetermined size, and having a plunger movable to f ...

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An electrostatic line printer incorporating a multilayered particle modulator comprising a layer of insulating material, a continuous layer of conducting material on one side of the insulating layer and a segmented layer of conducting material on the other side of the insulating layer. At least one ...

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An interrogator-responder system wherein the responder is a passive responder receiving an inductively coupled electromagnetic power field from an interrogator unit and generating an unique predetermined electromagnetic coded information field in response to the presence of the electromagnetic power ...

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Sunglasses having a pair of removable lenses. Each lens has side-by-side zones of different light-transmitting characteristics. The frame is arranged with lens-supporting means adapted to selectively support the lenses in one of two relatively inverted positions with either of the zones directly in ...

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A communication system for providing effective multipath transmission without intermodulation or other distortion effects normally arising from the transmission through a dispersive medium, such as multipath troposcatter communication links. In the invention the analog information is used to phase o ...

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This disclosure relates to a novel container and closure combination in which a body of the container at its open end includes a radially outwardly and downwardly directed peripheral skirt portion having a terminal edge defining cam means for facilitating the latching of the closure upon the contain ...

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A depth gauge for radial saws which can be adjusted to cooperate with saws of different diameters and can be further adjusted to regulate the depth of cut of the saw into the work. A calibrated scale is provided to permit an accurate adjustment of the depth of cut.

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Molten metal is treated by flowing gas through it. The container for the treatment is provided with a fore hearth, with a cover and with means for blowing the gas in fine bubbles into the metal. From the container the treated metal flows into a hopper provided with a cover having means for flushing ...

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A wideband differential amplifier comprises a pair of differentially connected control devices, for example transistors, having a pair of semiconductor junction input devices coupled thereto for receiving complementary input currents. The input devices exhibit logarithmic characteristics substantial ...