Mullins Albert A: Drillable slip. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, August 29, 1972: US3687196 (129 worldwide citation)

A drillable slip having a generally wedge-shaped cross-section with a plurality of longitudinally extending perforations or holes confined at least partially within the cross-section to provide weakened sections to facilitate breakage of the slip into a plurality of segments.

Shiley Donald P: Method of assemblying a sutureless heart valve. August 29, 1972: US3686740 (93 worldwide citation)

An inner ring carrying a check valve is rotatably mounted within an outer ring, and a series of spaced wires are confined between the rings with their free ends positioned in openings in the outer ring. Rotating the inner ring with respect to the outer ring forces the wire ends outwardly to pierce a ...

Nuwayser Elie S: Contraceptive device and method of employing same. August 29, 1972: US3687129 (91 worldwide citation)

A male contraceptive device which comprises a plug having a coating of fabric on its outer walls. The plug is inserted in the vas deferens. The fabric coating allows for the ingrowth of cells from the wall of the vas deferens into the fabric. This provides for complete occlusion of the vas deferens ...

Jarvik Robert K: Repeating ligature gun. August 29, 1972: US3687138 (91 worldwide citation)

A preformed ligature comprises a loop, loop forming closure and an extension which may be pulled to close the loop about a bleeder. One preformed ligature according to the invention is formed of a continuous loop of gut or synthetic suture material tied into a slip knot to form the closure and the e ...


Porter John H, Murray David B: Fiber optic pressure detector. Ladd Research, August 29, 1972: US3686958 (74 worldwide citation)

A sensor unit precisely monitors ambient pressure within a confined space, such as intracranial pressure of a human patient, utilizing fiber optic light guides. A pair of light guides pass within a pneumatic line into a flexible envelope which is implanted in the skull. Of the external ends of the g ...

Rutter Kenneth A: End fittings for flexible drive cables. August 29, 1972: US3686896 (65 worldwide citation)

An end fitting for attaching the outer sheath of a flexible drive cable to an annularly grooved spigot, comprises a hollow generally cylindrical plastics body having a longitudinally directed closed-ended slot. One end of a resilient arm disposed within the slot is integrally moulded to the end of t ...

Vidal Henri C: Constructional works. August 29, 1972: US3686873 (62 worldwide citation)

Cladding for the outer surface of a reinforced earth structure comprising reinforcements embedded in a mass of particles. The cladding comprises cladding elements having a generally plane configuration which are so adapted and arranged in adjacent relation to each other that the cladding is capable ...

Quinn Jack C: Computer controlled vending system. Ticket Reservation Systems, August 29, 1972: US3688276 (57 worldwide citation)

A central computer controls remote vending machines through long distance communication lines wherein the vending machine, in response to instructions from the computer, prints and issues valuable documents such as entertainment tickets, lottery tickets, race tickets and the like. The computer acts ...