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A coaxial cable connector plug including cooperatively engageable members threadably connected together and having contacts which are cammed inwardly into gripping relation with respective outer and center contacts of a coaxial cable in response to relative movement of the members in a securing dire ...

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A double mitered, compensated waveguide bend having a low VSWR over a wide bandwidth in which the effective width of the waveguide in the plane of the bend is narrowed at the mitered corners and increased on a line bisecting the angle of the bend.

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Footwear comprising an inflatable bladder to be disposed in a boot for embracing a person's foot, ankle and lower leg portion, and having a plurality of intercommunicating flexible tubes adapted to be inflated to a desired pressure, the material and hardness of the bladder and the cross-sections of ...

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Surgical forceps or a similar instrument to be employed in HF surgery for coagulating tissue by means of HF currents in which at least the terminal parts of the jaws of the instrument which are adapted to clamp the tissue are designed so as to prevent them from overheating the tissue when an HF curr ...

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A smooth-surfaced layer of soft vinyl plastisol containing a fragrance or other volatile organic substance is coated on a base and protectively covered with a smooth flexible sheet having low vapor transmission. The assembly is ordinarily substantially odor-free, but when the cover sheet is removed, ...

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An adjustable orifice valve for applications requiring highly accurate control over the rate of fluid flow employs a resilient, yieldable body having a passage of circular cross-section therethrough, and means for compressing the body in a direction generally parallel to the passage to deform the bo ...

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Improved apparatus for mounting a device, such as a shower head, to extend at a preselected angle to the horizontal in all positions of vertical adjustment thereof. The apparatus includes an elongated element having one end swingable about a mounting adapted to be fixedly positioned such as to a wal ...

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A prosthetic device for implantation in or use with a living body. A substrate is coated with impermeable pyrolytic carbon which provides an inert and antithrombogenic outer surface. The conditions at which the pyrolytic carbon is deposited are controlled to match the thermal coefficient of expansio ...

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A small general purpose digital computer is utilized as the basic element of an industrial controller. The digital computer is provided with an executive program comprising function simulating modules. Relay logic, timer and counter simulating modules are disclosed. The modules provide an iterative ...

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A method and apparatus for folding and packaging diapers is disclosed. The diapers are folded on a collapsible suction plate having hinged sections corresponding to the folded portions of the diapers. At the completion of the folding operation each diaper is fed into the nip of a pair of suction dis ...