Thomas Morton I: Tabbed anchoring tape means. July 18, 1972: US3677250 (231 worldwide citation)

Adhesive tape for anchoring to a given substrate, elongated members such as surgical tubing or the like, consisting of at least one anchoring tab portion with strap means extending from the tab portion for wrapped engagement with the tubing; the strap means being connected to the tab portion in a ma ...

Nerz Joseph E: Separable surgical needle. Extracorporeal Medical Specialties, July 18, 1972: US3677243 (143 worldwide citation)

A hollow surgical needle the shaft portion of which may be split in half longitudinally and the two mating halves of which are secured together with heat shrinkable material which includes two parallel score lines located externally of the band to facilitate tearing the band apart into two separate ...

Brancaleone Salvatore T: Electrical connector shield. International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, July 18, 1972: US3678445 (134 worldwide citation)

A shielding arrangement for eliminating electromagnetic interference in an electrical connector. A first shell member contains a bore portion on its outer surface and an annular groove adjacent to the bore portion. A conductive shielding member having a section contiguous to the bore portion and a f ...

Osika Thomas F: Spring mounted key for electrical switch. McGill Manufacturing Company, July 18, 1972: US3678229 (132 worldwide citation)

A key operated electrical switch includes rocker and carrier members connected to the switch casing with a common axle. The rocker and the carrier members are free to rotate relative to one another about the axle with the carrier member moving into a cavity in the rocker. A key is connected by a spr ...

Koutz Stanley L: Energy storage system and method. Gulf Oil Corporation, July 18, 1972: US3677008 (102 worldwide citation)

A method and system are described for using compressed air for storing and utilizing energy. Air is compressed and stored and the heat of compression is removed from the air prior to storage. The air is subsequently removed from storage and the stored heat is restored to the air prior to expansion o ...

Widder James S, Briner William W: Oral compositions for calculus retardation. The Procter & Gamble Company, July 18, 1972: US3678154 (98 worldwide citation)

Oral compositions, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and the like, containing certain polyphosphonates as anticalculus agents, and a water-soluble source of fluoride ions to counteract the adverse effects of such polyphosphonates on post eruptive maturation of dental enamel.

Stevens William P, Hubbard George M, Wagner William D: Connector with isolated ground. The Bendix Corporation, July 18, 1972: US3678444 (85 worldwide citation)

A chassis mountable coaxial cable connector assembly having an isolated ground. A connector pin is attached to the center wire of the coaxial cable with insulation surrounding the connector pin to prevent unwanted signal attenuation to a housing of the connector assembly. The housing is connected to ...

Smith Francis Hughes: Optical field flattening devices. Vickers, July 18, 1972: US3677621 (83 worldwide citation)

An optical device, for imposing a preselected degree of curvature upon an optical field associated with an image-bearing incident light beam, employs a light-polarizing beam splitter for splitting the incident light beam into a transmitted first beam and a reflected second beam, which first and seco ...

Gipe Harry F: Dry planographic plates and methods, production and use. Scott Paper Company, July 18, 1972: US3677178 (81 worldwide citation)

A new 'dry planographic' plate comprised of a flexible substrate having coated thereon a cured solid but elastic silicone rubber film which will not remove conventional lithographic ink from an ink roller on a printing press, a method of producing this plate and a new 'dry planographic' process wher ...

Gosling Dickinson: End loading twin beverage carton. John Labatt, July 18, 1972: US3677458 (76 worldwide citation)

An end loading, twin carton separable into two cartons, embodying folded handles usable in the twin and also the separated mode. A blank for the carton is also disclosed.