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A flexible catheter-tip, guidable by a magnetic field into selected arteries of the body, includes a plurality of permanent magnetic tubular sections with ball-shaped ends arranged end-to-end. Each pair of adjacent ends is encased within a tubular link formed of non-magnetic material which provides ...

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A particle monitoring device located in a line carrying a moving fluid, as air, containing particles. The device has a particle sensing member providing signals that are in direct proportion to the amount of particles in the moving fluid. The sensing member can be a flexible cover enclosing the larg ...

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A series of 2,2-dimethyl-.omega.-phenoxyalkanoic acids and 2,2-dimethyl-.omega.-(disubstituted phenoxy)alkanoic acids having 3 to 6 methylene groups between the phenoxy group or 0 phenoxy group and the carbon atom substituted by two methyl groups; and their salts and esters. The compounds reduce ser ...

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A dispersing valve comprises a disc having a sinuous slit which is cut at an angle with respect to the face of the disc to form at least two, and preferably three, valve members, one of which is larger than the other one or two and is designed to permit passage of fluid when the container to which t ...

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The present invention represents a new approach to solving modern electronic packaging problems which combines in one system the best features of discrete wiring techniques and printed circuits. According to this invention, there are provided new and useful procedures whereby a prefabricated organiz ...

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A reuseable impact attenuation construction designed to protect fixed objects near highways or vehicular traffic routes from damage due to high velocity impact. The invention comprises a plurality of collapsible, incompressible fluid filled energy absorbing and dissipating buffer elements separated ...

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Aqueous doxycycline solutions suitable for pharmaceutical use contain polyvinylpyrrolidone and are especially useful for either oral, topical or parenteral administration.

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Pigmented polymer powders of average particle size less than 30 microns, which can be of uniform shape and in a narrow size distribution, are prepared by controlled heating, melting and agitation of a liquid dispersion of pigmented polymer in bulk or particle form in the presence of a surfactant or ...

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Non-thrombogenic materials prepared by reacting a heparin-type anticoagulant, hydroxyl, or combinations of hydroxyl and acetal groups that are part of already synthesized macromolecules having an atomic carbon-to-oxygen ratio in excess of unity, an aldehyde and an acid catalyst. The non-thrombogenic ...

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The disclosure describes a turbofan engine having high and low pressure compressors wherein the low pressure compressor, or booster, comprises two counter rotating elements, a rotating duct which carries fan blades on its exterior surface and compressor blades on its interior surface and a conventio ...