Moulopoulos Spyridon: Catheter mounted artificial heart valve for implanting in close proximity to a defective natural heart valve. The University of Utah, June 27, 1972: US3671979 (604 worldwide citation)

An artificial heart valve for implantation in close proximity to a malfunctioning or damaged natural aortic or mitral heart valve by remote means without performing an open chest or other major surgical operation. The artificial heart valve comprises a flexible membrane in the form of an umbrella in ...

Britton Jr Ralph H: Pulse drive circuit for coils of dental impact tools and the like. Hufnagel Fred M, June 27, 1972: US3673475 (171 worldwide citation)

A drive circuit for dental percussion tools or hammers and the like including a power supply coupled with a timing circuit which provides suitable output pulses of selectable frequency. The output of the timing circuit is connected to a recoil-drive pulse forming circuit which includes one shot mult ...

Johnson Ralph G, Fryberger David: Touch actuable data input panel assembly. June 27, 1972: US3673327 (149 worldwide citation)

A panel positioned over the face of a cathode-ray tube with transmitters mounted along two adjacent edges of the panel to generate beams, either Rayleigh wave beams or light beams, that propagate through the panel to detectors mounted along opposite panel edges. The beams are directed to intersect i ...

Summers George D: Implantable bio-data monitoring method and apparatus. June 27, 1972: US3672352 (132 worldwide citation)

A system for monitoring a condition of a body function or organ or device implanted within a body includes a sensor or transducer responsive to that condition or a change in it connected to a signal means capable of producing an audible, visual or heat signal of variable intensity indication to cont ...

Bergey John M, Walton Richard S: Solid state watch. Hamilton Watch Company, June 27, 1972: US3672155 (100 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a solid state watch which requires no moving parts for timekeeping and display. The watch comprises a crystal controlled oscillator connected through an integrated circuit binary frequency divider to an electro-optical display in the form of light emitting diodes. The display is energiz ...

Sullivan Bruce M, Kaus Carl M: Retention means for air cleaner element. Donaldson Company, June 27, 1972: US3672130 (91 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is directed to a centrifugal air cleaner which includes within an outer container a primary filter assembly and a secondary backup filter assembly, both of which are removably disposed for purposes of maintenance and replacement. The primary filter assembly is sealably held between th ...

Giffen James W, Duke David A, Dumbaugh Jr William H, Flannery James E, MacDowell John F, Megles John E: Glass laminated bodies comprising a tensilely stressed core and a compressively stressed surface layer fused thereto. Corning Glass Works, June 27, 1972: US3673049 (85 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to sound, high strength, laminated articles of glass, glass-ceramic, glass and glass-ceramic materials. Such articles are made by means of a continuous hot-forming process wherein glasses are melted for the individual layers and these layers are then simultaneously fused toget ...

Fukuoka Tatsuo: Footwear. June 27, 1972: US3672078 (85 worldwide citation)

A method for producing an injection molded article comprises positioning pre-formed sections made of cloth or the like in the cavity of an injection mold, injecting the molten resinous material into the remainder of the cavity and cooling the material to a condition under which the latter is cured a ...

Fischer Alvin G: Hand tools. June 27, 1972: US3672419 (83 worldwide citation)

A hand tool, and particularly a screw driver, comprising a handle and a detachable shank. The handle has intersecting longitudinal and transverse openings, and either opening receives either end of the shank. A single holding means, in the form of a spring-pressed ball detent, is contained within th ...

Klein Thomas, Faggin Federico: Doped semiconductor electrodes for mos type devices. Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation, June 27, 1972: US3673471 (81 worldwide citation)

The threshold voltage required to invert an MOS device is both shifted and selectively controlled by using appropriately doped semiconductor material as the gate electrode.

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