Harmon Carlyle: Absorbent product containing a hydrocolloidal composition. Johnson & Johnson, June 20, 1972: US3670731 (282 worldwide citation)

An absorbent dressing having an absorbent layer defined by water soluble hydrocolloidal composition capable of absorbing of at least about fifteen times its weight of body exudate and retaining said exudate under pressure of up to about 2.5 p.s.i.

William Max Erich Zerlin, Roger Peter Avery, David Hugh Royce: Push-on connector. The Bunker Ramo Corporation Oak Brook IL, Frederick M Arbuckle, June 20, 1972: US3671922 (190 worldwide citation)

A locking push-on, pull-off connector which maintains good electrical contact even under conditions where there is movement in the connector. The contact elements of one of the mating connector members are mounted for axial movement in the member and are normally biased by a resilient means to a for ...

Abolins Visvaldis: Glass reinforced polyester resins containing polytetrafluoroethylene and flame retardant additives. General Electric Company, June 20, 1972: US3671487 (172 worldwide citation)

Flame retardant thermoplastic molding compositions are provided comprising a normally flammable linear polyester, filamentous glass, a flame retardant agent and a polytetrafluoroethylene resin. The use of the polytetrafluoroethylene resin controls dripping and permits the flame retardant agent to be ...

Mahon Thomas J, Cherba Samuel: Breathing circuit. Becton Dickinson and Company, June 20, 1972: US3670726 (103 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a breathing circuit which includes a swivelled fitting for connection to a patient's face mask or endotracheal tube and for connecting thereto breathing hoses which are to be connected to an anesthetic machine or to a pulmonary ventilator. The fitting is characterized in that the ...

Herbert K Price: Method of making a composite board product from scrap materials. Reynolds Metals Company Richmond VA, Glenn Palmer Lyne Gibbs & Thompson, June 20, 1972: US3671615 (99 worldwide citation)

A method of making a composite board product from scrap materials such as are customarily available from a printing plant. The scrap materials are derived from three types of materials designated herein as plastic materials, fibrous materials and filler materials. The scrap materials are shredded or ...

Pearo Joseph J: Ultra-short wave athermapeutic apparatus. Diapulse Corporation of America, June 20, 1972: US3670737 (97 worldwide citation)

An athermapeutic apparatus for administration of electrotherapeutic treatments to living matter for curing or abatement of diseases, infections and the like, by subjecting such matter to high frequency oscillations of a preselected wavelength for predetermined time periods thereby eliminating the ge ...

Kwolek Stephanie Louise: Optically anisotropic aromatic polyamide dopes. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, June 20, 1972: US3671542 (97 worldwide citation)

Compositions or dopes comprising carbocyclic aromatic polyamides in suitable liquid media are prepared which are optically anisotropic (exhibit different light transmission properties in different directions in the dope). These dopes, and related isotropic dopes, are used in preparing fibers of uniq ...

Zdenek Nepovim Lindsay: Coaxial cable connector. Lindsay Specialty Products, Arne I Fors, Frank I Piper, June 20, 1972: US3671926 (91 worldwide citation)

A connector for attachment to the end of a coaxial cable having an axial core electrode and an outer conductive sheath electrode includes a sheath-gripping ferrule and a collet sleeve for gripping an exposed forward end portion of the core electrode. The ferrule and the collet sleeve are disposed wi ...

Reimer William A: Planar receptacle. GTE Automatic Electric Laboratories Incorporated, June 20, 1972: US3670409 (87 worldwide citation)

A planar receptacle for pluggable mounting of electronic component leads therein which is formed by applying a resilient, electrically conductive material over an apertured base, and forming a pattern of planar cuts in said resilient layer over each aperture in the base such that when an electronic ...

Pollak Henry M, Pollak Robert S: Arbor saw. June 20, 1972: US3670788 (78 worldwide citation)

An arbor saw that can be moved vertically with respect to the table on which it is mounted and also displaced about a horizontal axis so as to cut a bevel. An integrated linkage is provided for achieving these two functions so that the blade can be displaced vertically without effecting its angle of ...