Bryan Graham W: Surgical stapler for skin and fascia. United States Surgical Corporation, May 16, 1972: US3662939 (497 worldwide citation)

An instrument for applying surgical staples to effect the joining of disunited skin or fascia. The instrument of the present invention is powered by a gas under pressure originating from a gas filled tank, positioned within a housing and adapted to ensure that the introduction of the tank and remova ...

Joel Jr Amos Edward: Mobile communication system. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, May 16, 1972: US3663762 (142 worldwide citation)

A high capacity cellular mobile communication system arranged to establish and maintain continuity of communication paths to mobile stations passing from the coverage of one radio transmitter into the coverage of another radio transmitter. A control center determines mobile station locations and ena ...

Glover Eugene G: Stimulator apparatus for muscular organs with external transmitter and implantable receiver. Mentor Corporation, May 16, 1972: US3662758 (129 worldwide citation)

A unit adapted to be implanted in a human body including a power supply for having power induced therein from a source external of the body, electrodes adapted to be attached to a muscular organ, such as a bladder or the like, capacitors and SCR's in circuit with said electrodes and said power suppl ...

Brandt David S: Separable electrical connector. The Bendix Corporation, May 16, 1972: US3663926 (114 worldwide citation)

A separable electrical connector having two units held together in mated relationship by a nut. Means is provided for securely but releasably retaining the nut from rotation with respect to the mated units, thereby preventing the nut from being accidentally loosened from its fully tightened position ...

Wahli Robert, Ciba Limited: Method and apparatus for evaluating color-coded information. May 16, 1972: US3663801 (107 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for converting color-coded information into binary coded information and checking the latter against itself and/or a reference code, the original information being coded in the primary colors red, green and blue and the complementary colors cyan, magenta and yellow. By the conve ...

Contreras Gilbert E, Graves Robert W: Universal joint. Aeroquip Corporation, May 16, 1972: US3663044 (94 worldwide citation)

A universal joint used in conjunction with flexible bellows duct connections to restrain axial loading. Two sleeves connected by the bellows have pairs of diametrically opposed lugs pivoted to a gimbal ring. This ring is of non-circular shape, and in particular has four uncurved sides connected to t ...

Miller Darrow L: Elastomeric graded acoustic impedance coupling device. North American Rockwell Corporation, May 16, 1972: US3663842 (76 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic probe has a solid, flexible, elastic, graded acoustical impedance coupling device having fine geometrical and naturally shaped, metal and glass component powders, with their characteristic acoustic impedance values, disposed in graded varying concentrations in solid, elastomeric silico ...

Tassell Kitchener B: Syringe. May 16, 1972: US3662753 (76 worldwide citation)

A syringe assembly enabling mixed discharge of substances retained in separated condition until intended use, employing a plunger and barrel arrangement that retains the substances separated during storage, allows mixing thereof prior to discharge, and causes discharge of the mixed substances.

Bromell Raymond J: Automatic coupling system. Automatic Drilling Machines, May 16, 1972: US3662842 (73 worldwide citation)

In an automatic coupling system, a threaded quill is connected to a rotating and advancing mechanism by a slip coupling and is biased toward a drill pipe by a spring. In the use of the system, the quill is advanced toward the drill pipe and is simultaneously rotated with respect to the pipe. When th ...

Brown Elvin E: Pin and socket contact electrical interconnect system. Collins Radio Company, May 16, 1972: US3663931 (70 worldwide citation)

A combined unitary pin and socket contact, receivable in a housing, designed for providing electrical interconnect between parallel stacked circuit boards, with guided entry of pins into contact sockets, and opposite side spring socket contact arms resiliently engaging opposite sides of an inserted ...