Garret Donald E: In situ process for recovery of carbonaceous materials from subterranean deposits. Occidental Petroleum Corporation, May 9, 1972: US3661423 (350 worldwide citation)

Subterranean carbonaceous deposits, such as oil shale, are conditioned for in-situ recovery of carbonaceous values by limited undercutting over a large area to leave an overlaying deposit supported by a multiplicity of pillars, if necessary, then removing the pillars and expanding the overlaying dep ...

Hurst George S, Parks James E: Electrical sensor of plane coordinates. The University of Kentucky Research Foundation, May 9, 1972: US3662105 (217 worldwide citation)

An inexpensive electrical sensor of plane coordinates employs juxtaposed sheets of conducting material having electrical equipotential lines extending across each sheet and arranged normal to each other. A probe upon touching each sheet at a selected intersection of the equipotential lines causes se ...

Andrews Lawrence F: Method and apparatus for improved orthodontic bracket and arch wire technique. May 9, 1972: US3660900 (216 worldwide citation)

The method and apparatus for improving orthodontic bracket and arch wire technique where the individual brackets have an inner radius for attachment to a tooth band which conforms to the outer contour of the tooth both vertically and horizontally and has at least one groove therein for the reception ...

Bossaer Camille M: Bicycle. May 9, 1972: US3661404 (193 worldwide citation)

A bicycle with alternating-motion pedals the movement of which is converted by particular chain means into a rotating motion which is applied to the driving wheel of the bicycle.


Foster Coleman Arthur, Taylor David Johnston: Method for making swab applicators. Philip Morris Incorporated, May 9, 1972: US3661666 (129 worldwide citation)

Swab applicators are made by extruding a plastic tube over a resilient mass of absorbent material. One end of the composite product is capped in such manner that when the cap is removed a portion of the absorbent material will be exposed to provide a swab tip. The applicator is then filled with a me ...

Gans Michael James, Reudink Douglas Otto John: Diversity communication system using distinct spectral arrangements for each branch. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, May 9, 1972: US3662268 (113 worldwide citation)

The output of each branch of a diversity system contains a pilot signal and a modulated carrier. The spectrum of each branch output is distinct, but the difference frequency component between the signal and pilot is identical for all branches. The same intelligence is applied to each branch. In a un ...

Decuyper Jean Claude: Transition device between coaxial and microstrip lines. Compagnie Generale D Electricite, May 9, 1972: US3662318 (101 worldwide citation)

A conversion device for an ultra-high frequency coaxial line and a metal strip without welding comprises a brass support body in which a base plate, held tight by screws forces the metal strip against the central conductor and a plate spring to ensure an electrical contact between the ground wires o ...

Haffey Paul C: Cautery. Codman & Shurtleff, May 9, 1972: US3662151 (91 worldwide citation)

A hot wire surgical cautery has a casing which serves as a handle. A resistance wire cautery tip is connected to one end of the handle. Associated with the handle are two switches. The first switch responds to pressure from the surgeons's finger to cause electric current to flow through the tip and ...

Greenspan Donald J: Serum separator type container. Contemporary Research and Development Corporation, May 9, 1972: US3661265 (87 worldwide citation)

Following mechanical or chemical separation of serum or plasma from the formed elements of blood, the serum or plasma is physically isolated from the precipitated formed elements by inserting a plug into the collection tube. The plug consists of a fibrous filter disc fastened to a rubber member havi ...