Graham John W: Hydraulic fracturing using reinforced resin pellets. Esso Production Research Company, May 2, 1972: US3659651 (116 worldwide citation)

Fractures in a subterranean formation are propped with propping agent particles composed of a synthetic resin substantially inert to formation fluids and containing reinforcing materials dispersed therein.

Haboush Edward J: Compensating plates for bone fractures. May 2, 1972: US3659595 (114 worldwide citation)

Single or double plates are provided for application across the fracture site of fractured bones and wherein the single or double plates are constructed to allow for compressional and tensional forces acting on the fractured bone. When a single plate is used it is rigidly secured at one end on one s ...

Berglund Carl Neil, Boll Harry Joseph: Monolithic semiconductor apparatus adapted for sequential charge transfer. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, May 2, 1972: US3660697 (107 worldwide citation)

The invention is a form of monolithic semiconductor apparatus adapted for the storage and manipulation of electronic signals representing information. Basically, the apparatus includes a plurality of spaced localized zones of one type semiconductivity adjacent the surface of a semiconductive bulk po ...

Enger Carl C: Encapsulated non-permeable piezoelectric powered pacesetter. May 2, 1972: US3659615 (101 worldwide citation)

An encapsulated non-permeable piezoelectric self-powered pacesetter for implantation in an in vivo, or living, system in which the pacesetter is sealed and enclosed in an envelope formed of medical grade silicone rubber and preferably natural or synthetic animal, plant or insect wax, in which a piez ...

Iler Ralph K, Rigby Eugene G: Heterogeneous cobalt-bonded tungsten carbide. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, May 2, 1972: US3660050 (99 worldwide citation)

Strong, hard, impact-resistant bodies comprising tungsten carbide bonded with from 3 to 25% by weight of heterogeneous cobalt-tungsten solid-solution alloy, useful as cutting tools, are prepared by heating an intimately mixed cobalt/tungsten carbide powder to a temperature above 1000.degree. C and c ...

Wolfers David: Intra-uterine contraceptive. National Research Development Corporation, May 2, 1972: US3659597 (90 worldwide citation)

An intra-uterine contraceptive device is provided to fit the parturient uterus and gradually accommodate the involutionary process in a predetermined manner. The device is contractable in self-tracking manner by longitudinally progressive sliding engagement of one end of an elongate flexible member ...

Kuipers Jack: Angular rate coordinate transformer. Northrop Corporation, May 2, 1972: US3660648 (90 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for converting signals representing rates of change of the angular position of a body with respect to its own axes to Euler angle rates of change utilizing three resolvers and two feedback paths so as to avoid practical difficulties equivalent to the 'gimbal-lock' problem in the gyroscope ...

Melville Alfred W, O Hare David H, Brickell Christopher G: Humidifying means. Fisher & Paykel, May 2, 1972: US3659604 (87 worldwide citation)

A humidifying means has a container for water which is removable from a source of heat, with the container being provided with a cover defining an air space with an inlet for gases and an outlet for gases and water vapor, the whole being removable for sterilization or other purposes. Temperature con ...

Troy Constantine T: Closed cell structure and methods and apparatus for its manufacture. May 2, 1972: US3660189 (86 worldwide citation)

Cellular cushioning material is prepared by sealing an elastic substance within cells that are formed between two flexible films. When the elastic material is a gas, means may be provided to charge the cells at superatmospheric pressure to achieve full inflation of the cells and maximum efficiency o ...

Quinton Wayne E: Exercise treadmill and belt support apparatus. Quinton Instrument Company, May 2, 1972: US3659845 (83 worldwide citation)

A simplified treadmill and belt support used for exercise purposes and for use as part of an ergometric system. An endless belt is driven over a support surface composed of a fabric such as canvas which is impregnated with wax. A suitable drive assembly causes continuous movement of the belt.