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A device and method for facilitating the rapid positive fixation of implanted prosthetic members in a living body. The device comprises a tubular sleeve of deformable material to which the prosthetic member is secured and which is capable of being expanded radially into intimate engagement with surr ...

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A catheter needle guard unit having a hub with a cannula needle affixed therein to form a passageway through the hub and cannula, said needle being pointed at the distal end, and a needle guard means having a sleeve member with a longitudinal slot adapted to snap over the entire length of the needle ...

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A floor or like tile consists either of a single piece composed of any one of a range of different materials or of a plurality of superimposed laminations each composed of any one of the said range of materials, and is formed with a plurality of identical, laterally projecting tongues and, in its un ...

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A message to be transmitted in binary form over a signal channel to a remote terminal is scrambled by being passed through an Exclusive-OR gate which logically combines its bits in pseudo-random fashion with bits of a quasi-aperiodic code sequence to generate a scrambled binary message; a similar Ex ...

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A disclosure in which one or more objects, such as aircraft or other vehicles, moving in a system of coordinates transmit pulse signals to a large number of fixed position receiving stations all linked to common computer means, and the computer means uses one of several well known techniques such as ...

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High-resolution holograms, stable to exposure to actinic light, are made from photopolymerizable materials by a single-step process wherein a permanent image is obtained by a single imagewise exposure of a photopolymerizable layer to actinic radiation bearing holographic information. Diffraction gra ...

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A baby diaper retaining garment and disposable flushable pads for use therewith, the pad having exposed at least the central portion of one face of the layer of absorbent material to render it readily flushable upon exposure to a liquid, and the garment having spaced pockets for retaining ends of su ...

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The present invention relates to a sheath and core type conjugate fiber obtained by providing a core composed of polymer prepared by blending a specific halogen substituted aromatic compound and phosphorus compound in predetermined amounts and by wrapping said core component with a sheath component. ...

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An inhaler is provided with a baffle for changing the effective size of the passage for passing the suspension to be inhaled in such a manner that the centre of the effective aperture left by the baffle moves towards the jet of the inhaler when the aperture is increased in size and moves away from i ...

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Triarylamines having at least one of the aryl radicals substituted by an active hydrogen-containing group are good organic photoconductors in electrophotographic systems.