Carpentier Alain F: Cardiac valvular support prosthesis. Rhone Poulenc, April 18, 1972: US3656185 (247 worldwide citation)

A cardiac valvular prosthesis, e.g., for the mitral valve, consisting solely of an annular or part-annular member adapted to fit against the base of the cusps of a human heart valve, and suture means for securing the member in place. The prosthesis cooperates with the natural valve cusps of the pati ...

de Cremoux Baudoin, Leclerc Pierre: Light modulator. Thomson-CSF, April 18, 1972: US3656836 (202 worldwide citation)

The application of a voltage between the semiconductor and the conducting layers of a structure wherein said layers are separated by an insulator layer allow the modulation of a luminous radiation propagating through or reflected on said structure.

Schiff Peter: Pulsatile by-pass blood pump. April 18, 1972: US3656873 (140 worldwide citation)

A by-pass pump system especially adapted for use in assisting or temporarily replacing the circulatory function of the heart in which a pair of highly elastic collapsible containers are coupled to one another through a resilient flap valve. Each flexible chamber is positioned within an associated ho ...

Rocher Edouard Y, Schuster Stanley E: Multipath encoder-decoder arrangement. International Business Machines Corporation, April 18, 1972: US3657699 (138 worldwide citation)

A multipath encoder-decoder arrangement which consists of a plurality of storage devices such as memory cells, for example, which can be shifted from one series configuration into at least a second series configuration. The storage devices or at least a portion of them are switched from a first seri ...

Rudel Harry: Intrauterine medicator. Biological Concepts, April 18, 1972: US3656483 (115 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine medicator and method for local application of medication to the uterus. The medicator includes a perforated tube containing a supply of medication; apparatus for maintaining medication adjacent the perforations for distribution to the uterine wall, and apparatus resiliently retaining ...

Winston Ronald H, Schultz Stephen, Garvey III Thomas Q: Ultrasonic suturing apparatus. Ultrasonic Systems, April 18, 1972: US3657056 (96 worldwide citation)

The invention deals with the method and apparatus for forming sutures utilizing ultrasonic vibrational energy as well as the sutures formed thereby. The sutures are formed in biological organisms, such as humans, in a manner to substantially eliminate the loosening of the suture after its formation. ...

Ryder Francis Eugene, Gordon Ronald Orville: Cord reel. April 18, 1972: US3657491 (94 worldwide citation)

An automatically retractable cord reel having continuous solid conductors from the free end of the extensible cord through a fixed flat conductor attached to the power source. The fixed conductor is a flat conductor helically disposed and axially restrained within a secondary cavity in the reel with ...

Wilson Henry H: Athletic shoe cleat. April 18, 1972: US3656245 (90 worldwide citation)

A cleat particularly useful for shoes worn by participants in sporting events to provide improved engagement with the surface on which the sporting event takes place and including a grouping of projections having relatively blunt nonpenetrating ends adapted to engage the surface with limited penetra ...

Robertson Jack R: Method of and apparatus for viewing the interior of the bladder through a suprapubic incision. April 18, 1972: US3656485 (88 worldwide citation)

A method of and an instrument for locating a suprapubic incision into the bladder and for inserting a viewing unit through the incision into the bladder. A telescope for viewing the interior of the bladder is insertable thereinto through the viewing unit. The viewing unit may be left in place for la ...

Ptacek James F: Receiving and transporting apparatus for currency. The Vendo Company, April 18, 1972: US3656615 (87 worldwide citation)

A bill transport of a currency acceptor conveys a bill inserted thereinto along a path of travel having a sharp initial bend followed by a rectilinear stretch defined by an elongated, narrow channel. The bend is formed by rollers at the inside of the bend opposed by endless belts presenting the outs ...